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Aislinne Lutz, a Criminal Justice major, is the recipient of the 2013 Marist College Intern of the Year Award


In light of the current discussion concerning legal standards of non-paid, paid and credit-bearing internships, the Marist College Center for Career Services is implementing a new practice to assist with record keeping and tracking of student and employer information.  Effective with the start of the FALL 2013 semester ALL Marist College students who participate in elective credit internships will be required to submit their Internship Learning Contracts to the Center for Career Services PRIOR to registering for academic credit for an internship.

The purpose of this new practice is to ensure that there is a learning contract on file for every student who is registered for an elective credit internship.  This contract is critical as we seek to verify that elective Internships are in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Having signed learning contracts on file will also allow us to have documentation of the internship learning goals and objectives that have been agreed upon between the student intern and the employer.

Please note, that Career Services will not forward documentation to the Registrar for assignment of academic credit until the signed Learning Contract is presented.

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