Meet the Board

We're your friends, your neighbors, and your classmates... and we care about giving unhealthy relationships a voice (and helping you understand why you should too!)

heart1 board

Nina Ainembabazi
, President (Marist '13)
"I am a Business Administration Major with an emphasis on Human Resources.  Heart1 has taught me that love has many definitions, but abuse is not one of them.  I plan to do everything possible to make sure heart1 continues to grow and help more and more people become aware of domestic violence and how we can all work together to end it."

Julian DeZao (Marist '15)
"I am majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resources and a minor in Pyschology.  Heart1 has taught me that no individual ever deserves to suffer from physical or mental abuse. My goal is to spread awareness of this cause so that more and more people are aware of what can happen to themselves, their family and friends. I got involved in the first place because my sister was a victim and created this amazing organization."

Danielle Helwig, Secretary (Marist '15)
"My major is fashion merchandising. I became involved in heart1 because I know what it's like to be in an abusive relationship and I want to help prevent other people from going through such a horrible experience. I greatly enjoy time spent with the other board and club members on our journey to heal hearts and remove the 1." 

Alyssa Damiani, Treasurer (Marist '14)
"My major is Business Administration with a concentration in marketing.  I became involved with heart1 because of the feeling I got after hearing Danielle‚Äôs story for the first time. It truly showed me that this was a cause worth fighting for and that I wanted to be a part of an organization that was helping raise awareness about domestic violence."

Cassandra Conlan, Marist PR Coordinator (Marist '14)
"I am pursuing a degree in Communications with a Public Relations concentration.  I became involved with heart1 because of its powerful message and its eagerness to spread awareness of the issue of domestic violence.  As Public Relations Coordinator, I hope to spread the message of heart1 throughout the entire Marist campus and provide events that make students more aware of the harms of dating and domestic violence."

Rob Roarty, Marist PR Coordinator (Marist '13)
"I am a Criminal Justice major and Psychology minor.  Heart1 has taught me to be the man that women deserve and to keep them
safe from abusive relationships whether the signs are clear or not.  My goals are to see heart1 spread to other colleges across the country and have people speak out against this terrible problem that negatively affects so many teens."

Marin Cleary, Community PR Coordinator ('14)
"I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Social Work.  Heart1 has taught me to speak up for those that cannot or are scared to, and that love should not hurt, it is something special in life that should only bring you added happiness.  I hope that the club can gain more recognition on campus in order to raise awareness for the cause and show people that whatever they are going through is not "wrong" and that they can speak up about it because they are not alone."

Michelle Ederer, Community PR Coordinator ('14)
"I am majoring in Social Work and minoring in Psychology and Sociology.  I got involved in heart1 because of personal experiences with domestic violence and after attending a heart1 meeting I realized the importance of the cause. As one of the Community PR Coordinators, I plan to continue to spread awareness of domestic violence to Marist as well as outside communities."

Danielle Deschaine, Social Media Coordinator (Marist '13)
"I'm a Sports Communications major with an undying love for the New York Giants. I got involved in heart1 because after seeing my mom endure an unhealthy relationship for years and having her finally open up about it, I never want anyone to watch themselves experience the same kind of pain."


Emily Nugent, Social Media Coordinator (Marist '14)
"I am a Communications Major with a dual concentration in Advertising and T.V, Radio, and Film with a Business Minor. The most important thing heart1 has taught me, is that anyone can overcome any situation and turn it into something positive."