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Counseling Services

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Our team of mental health professionals all specialize in college mental health and are trained to assess the level of care that you need. The counselor who first meets with you will listen to your concerns and recommend services that will be the most helpful to you. 

Clinical Team


Image of Marisa Moore. Marisa Moore

Director, Counseling Services







Image of Shane Dzimian. Shane Dzimian

Clinical Counselor







Image of Naomi Ferleger. Naomi Ferleger








Image of Janine Fitzmaurice. Janine Fitzmaurice

Clinical Counselor







Image of Danielle Hughes Danielle P. Hughes

Clinical Counselor, Virtual Services







Image of Carrie Ann Flemming Carrie Ann Flemming

Graduate Intern







Image of Shannon Walsh. Shannon Walsh

Clinical Counselor





Image of Jenny Colman. Jenny Colman






Kim Marsden

Clinical Counselor




Administrative Staff


Image of Eileen Mastrontuono. Eileen Mastrontuono

Office Coordinator




Graduate Interns

Ali Kort