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Request for Travel Funds for Pedagogical Development

The CTE has funding available each semester to support faculty to attend conferences, workshops, or other meetings whose focus is on teaching or pedagogical development. The goal is to provide funding to faculty who want to travel to these types of events, but who are not planning on giving a presentation at the meeting. The only requirement is that you are open to the possibility of sharing what you have learned with the Marist College community. The application form is available below.  (Please see form for application deadline date.) The Fall semester application deadline is the 1st week in October and the Spring semester deadline is the 3rd week in February.

CTE Travel Grant Form

Teaching Mentoring Program

One way to develop teaching skills is to observe others, or to be observed by others, in the classroom. A list of campus-wide Teaching Mentors has been created, and they are available to all campus faculty - upon individual request - for the purpose of developing or sharing pedagogical techniques. The Faculty Mentors are:

Rose De Angelis
Victoria Ingalls
Caroline Rider
Robyn Rosen
Jan Stivers

Any faculty member on campus can contact any one of the people on this list for pedagogical mentoring. The results of any observations/mentoring will be purely developmental in nature, and no formal written record will exist.

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  • Library Catalog
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  • Parini, Jay. (2005) The Art of Teaching. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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  • Shank, Patti and Sitze, Amy. (2004) Making Sense of Online Learning: A Guide for Beginners and the Truly Skeptical. San Francisco: Pfeifer.

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