School of Management


You're on this page because you're considering studying management, in either the private sector or the public sector. What are you looking for in a degree program? At Marist, you'll find a hands-on, value-driven program. For example:

  • Would you like to study with professors who have current and relevant real world experience as well as advanced degrees?
  • Would you like small classes for more individualized attention?
  • Want to study where ethics and mission are emphasized right alongside profit margin?
  • In your freshman year, would you like to build and present a business plan for a local company...then get personal feedback on that plan from the company owners and managers?
  • Would you like to spend your time studying with a faculty that is diverse across ethnicity, race, religion, political leaning, and gender?
  • Want to debate ethics, human resource issues, economics, and the pros and cons of the free enterprise system with other business students from across the country?
  • Looking for a school that is highly computerized and up to date technologically? One that has been teaching online courses for more than 10 years?
  • Would you like to tackle genuine business problems from major companies, such as IBM, Target and Johnson & Johnson, presenting your work to executives from those companies?
  • Are you interested in helping to manage student-run stock and bond portfolios worth hundreds of thousands of dollars? And doing it from an actual, live trading room?
  • Do you want to complete the 150-hour requirement to be eligible to sit for the CPA exam, and earn an MBA?
  • Are you looking for an AACSB accredited program to add gravitas to your resume?
If that's the type of education you can get excited about, one of majors or programs in the Marist School of Management may be an excellent match for you. We offer undergraduate degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, and Economics. If you are ready for graduate school, you can study for a Master of Business (MBA), a Master of Business Administration with Accounting emphasis (MBAA) or a Master of Public Administration (MPA). Follow the links on the left side of the screen to learn more about each of these programs.

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