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The Marist Center for Lifetime Study provides opportunities for intellectual and cultural exploration and development for men and women of retirement age. CLS furnishes a rewarding experience of learning and fellowship in a relaxed atmosphere without exams or grades. Currently 650 members enjoy courses, trips, and social events held in various locations.

The Center is a volunteer membership-run organization. Courses are offered in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and general sciences and are taught by CLS members, college faculty, or community leaders.

Currently a waiting list for membership exists. Effective 04/15/2016 Applications for our Wait List  are not being accepted.   

Institutes for Learning in Retirement - Mid-Hudson Valley
Institutes for Learning in Retirement - U.S. & Canada
Institutes for Learning in Retirement in the U.K.


Operating under the auspices of the Marist College School of Professional Programs, with a grant from the Rose Sherman Fund.