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Center for Lifetime Study

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The Center for Lifetime Study

The Marist College Center for Lifetime Study (CLS) operates under the auspices of the Marist School of Professional Programs. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for educational, intellectual and cultural growth for people 55 and older.

CLS is dedicated to the continual academic growth and social fulfillment of our members. No experience or educational background is required for membership. Courses are determined by curriculum committees and suggestions from CLS members.

CLS is a volunteer organization guided by a Council elected by the members. Members are encouraged to get involved by volunteering to serve on a committee, teach a class or participate in our community outreach programs.

CLS provides a rewarding experience of learning and fellowship in a relaxed atmosphere. Members enjoy classes at the Locust Grove Estate and classes via Zoom as well as planned trips and social events.

CLS offers courses in the arts, social sciences, humanities, sciences, and life and leisure studies taught by experienced individuals including college faculty, CLS members and community leaders.

CLS strives to foster a diverse and inclusive environment. We welcome all backgrounds, beliefs, and identities.

The Center for Lifetime Study has membership spaces available and applications for membership will be available upon request. To learn more about membership CLICK HERE.

The History of CLS

Jonah and Joan Sherman The Sherman Legacy

On February 12, 1992, Marist issued a press release announcing the establishment of a peer-led education program for individuals 55 years and older.  The Marist Center for Lifetime Study, or CLS, was established by the late Jonah Sherman and his wife Joan in honor of Jonah’s aunt Rose Sherman to provide intellectual opportunities, cultural exploration and academic development to local seniors.  The Shermans’ commitment to enriching the lives of others led Jonah to serve on Marist's Board of Trustees, as well as leadership positions in several local nonprofit organizations and led Joan to serve with other voluntary organizations.  Together, they worked with Catharine Street Community Center, where they began their volunteer lives locally. 

In 2007, Jonah made a special contribution to the Marist Archives and Special Collections in the James A. Cannavino Library with a donation of materials documenting the business and commercial history of Poughkeepsie.  The collection is filled with rare artifacts, books, newspapers, photographs, correspondence, advertisements, and other materials; the Jonah Sherman Collection an invaluable resource for anyone wishing to learn more about the economic growth and business development of our community. Jonah and Joan Sherman were sent to Central Europe, Asia, and Africa over a period of 13 years with International Executive Services Corps, United Jewish World Service, and United Way International to promote economic self-sufficiency in small communities, education and prevention of HIV/AIDS and the development of volunteerism.  Through CLS, Jonah and Joan Sherman have given Marist a unique legacy of service and leadership.

The Center for Lifetime Study

In March 1992, the Marist Center for Lifetime Study launched, with a series of four- to six-week noncredit courses.  The Center, a gift from the estate of Rose Sherman, is strongly ingrained with a sense of leadership and academic purpose.  Rose Sherman moved to Poughkeepsie in the 1980’s to be cared for by her family.  Jonah, sensitive to the need for challenging intellectual pursuits for senior citizens, worked to establish the Marist Center for Lifetime Study as a loving tribute to his Aunt Rose after her death.