Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Liberal Studies Degree Program

Master of Science in Information Systems

On-Campus and Online B.A. Degree for Transfer, Military and Non-Traditional Students

The Marist College Liberal Studies Adult Education Bachelor’s degree is a specialized program designed for students looking to return, transfer, or begin college as an adult student. Whether you are looking to transfer credits from a community college, earn your degree after serving in the military or earn your degree as a non-traditional student, the Marist Liberal Studies Adult Education program can provide you with the necessary tools to earn your degree.

Our Adult Education Bachelor’s degree program is geared towards helping students earn their Bachelor’s degree on their own time through a personalized combination of several different programs of study.

Through our advanced part and full-time Bachelor’s degree program adult students interested in enrolling in college as a non-traditional Bachelor’s degree student are able to choose between online and on-ground courses while earning their B.A.

Each Liberal Studies Adult Education program is designed to provide non-traditional undergraduate students with the knowledge, critical thinking, and leadership skills needing to be prepared them to take on complex responsibilities in a wide range of fields.

Earning Your Bachelor’s Degree Online as an Adult Student

The Liberal Studies Adult Education program offers the option of customizing your bachelor’s degree curriculum to fit your needs. The adult education Bachelor’s degree is ideal for adult bachelor’s degree students looking for an educational distance learning Bachelor’s degree program.

Academic advisors within the Liberal Studies Bachelor’s degree can assist working adults, transfer students, military veterans and other non-traditional undergraduate students in developing the academic plan and tools they need for success. Students enrolled in the adult learning program are able to choose between a 100% online, on-campus and hybrid curriculum. Contact us to learn more about whether the Liberal Studies Adult Education program is right for you.

Liberal Studies Adult Education Bachelor’s Degree Areas of Study

American Studies Major

Through the American Studies major students enrolled in the Adult Education B.A. program with follow a course curriculum in history, politics, law, literature, philosophy, religion, art, and music. Students will learn the skills needed for a successful career in government, public policy or community organizing. Explore the dynamics and events that have and continue to shape our country.

Communication and the Arts Major

Through the Liberal Studies Communication and the Arts major, adult students will develop a concrete understanding of the communications field. With an emphasis on speaking, writing skills and media literacy, adults learners who receive their Bachelor’s degree in Communications and the Arts will develop the skills needed for a career in public relations, advertising or communications.

Data Center Technologies Major

Adult Bachelor’s degree students enrolled in the Liberal Studies degree Data Center Technologies curriculum will gain knowledge regarding all facets of maintaining and managing data centers and corporate networking systems. Students will gain an introductory experience in computer networking, security and facility management.

Economics Major

Whether you are interested in a career in government, banking or insurance the Economics program through the Adult Bachelor’s degree program will prepare students to understand market economy it’s behavior, growth, and stability. Adults continuing their higher education through this Liberal Studies major will develop analytical skills and practice quantitative strategies to analyze economic activity and trends in a global economy.

Enterprise Systems Major

IBM and Marist’s School of Computer Science and Mathematics jointly developed the Enterprise System program at Marist College. Adult undergraduate students enrolled in this program through the Liberal Studies major learn mainframe computing skills for corporations through first-hand experience with IBM’s System z architecture.

Information Technology and Systems Major

The Marist College Liberal Studies Information Technology and Systems concentration provides nontraditional adult undergraduate students with a foundation in computing, network technologies, databases, information systems and business applications. If you are interested in continuing your education in the computer networking, database management or cyber-security industry consider the Information Technology and Systems undergraduate degree.

Leadership Major

The Liberal Studies Leadership major at Marist College offers career management and diverse team leadership skills for a variety of industry settings. The Leadership concentration provides adult undergraduate students the opportunity to examine leadership styles and models, develop leadership potential and increase critical and strategic thinking while earning a Bachelor’s degree through a distance learning program.

Organizational Leadership & Communication (OLC) Major

The Organizational Leadership & Communication (OLC) Liberal Studies degree completion program is offered in a cohort format one night per week at Marist's Fishkill Executive Center. Students can complete their Bachelor’s degree in as little as 24 months taking courses in business management and communication.

Professional Studies Major

The Professional Studies program is geared towards organizational administration, effective communication, negotiation skills, and enhancing the customer service skill set of adults looking to obtain a bachelor’s degree through a distance learning program. If you are interested in a career utilizing communication, customer service, and general business skill, the Liberal Studies Professional Studies Major can provide you with the skills necessary to continue your education and start your career.

Project Management Major

Through the Project Management program in the Liberal Studies major, you will focus on developing skills essential for today’s workplace, integrating organizational administration, and team management skills, all while finishing your bachelor’s degree.

Psychology Major

The Liberal Studies major Psychology program provides adult students who wish to continue their education with the principles to apply to real-world work environments such as careers in human services, community organization and government.

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