What Support Services are Offered to MBA Students?

Advisors, Tutors, and Help Desk Assistance

The Marist MBA is a hands-on program that is there for students through every step of their graduate experience. Students are given access to an online portal, MyMarist, to ensure their success as a student and even after graduation. Marist provides students with networking and career events and financial services. Beyond these are academic advisors, technical assistance and even writing tutors. Support services are offered to students in the MBA program with every step they may require assistance on.

Academic Advisor Support

Each MBA graduate student is assigned an academic advisor to help plan course schedules through their tenure at Marist College. MBA academic advisors will help students identify the appropriate courses and concentration for their desired career path and even connect them with internships that can help to advance their career from the beginning of their studies. Academic advisors are with students through the end of their graduation and serve as a tool of guidance for students interested in completing their MBA degree program.

Technology Information and Support

With a course schedule that focuses on virtual management it is important for students to have access to the Office of Academic Technology. Student technology support services provided to students in the MBA program help with understanding the unique types of technology made available in their classrooms. If students struggle with understanding a gadget or come across an issue within their own device they may reach out to the Marist Help Desk for further technical assistance.

MBA Tutor Support

Writing Tutors are made available to graduate students in the Academic Learning Center. These tutors can help students with proofreading to ensure assignments are completed correctly and to the best of the student’s ability. Students are encourage to take advantage of this service to gain a better understanding of strongly written documents which will be a require skill upon entering the business administration workforce.  

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