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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply for the MBA program?
Individuals interested in gaining the skill sets necessary to lead in today's global marketplace should apply. A bachelor's degree in business administration is not a requirement for admission to the program. Read more about who should apply for the MBA program.

Is the GMAT or GRE required?

What is the business analytics focus about?
The focus of traditional Master's in Business Administration programs around the country has been the role of the general manager with broad responsibilities from finance to marketing. Thus, breadth has always been the focus of an MBA program. The world has changed, and the role of big data and business analytics has become an integral part of the general manager position as new skills must be learned in order to be the most effective decision-maker. As a result, the demands of leadership, management, and followership in this business analytics-focused environment are quite challenging and are infused throughout the Marist MBA curriculum.

When are the application deadlines?
Applications are accepted year round with a fall semester deadline of August 1 and a spring semester deadline of December 1. Classes begin in late August and early January of each year. Read more about how to apply to the Marist MBA program.

Is financial aid available for prospective students?

Assistance for graduate students at Marist is available in many forms, including low-interest loans, merit scholarships, and need-based grants. It is recommended that students file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at as soon as possible. Financial packages will be sent to students upon acceptance to Marist. Read more about financial aid available to students in the MBA program.

How long does it take to complete the MBA degree program?
You can complete the entire 36-credit program in as little as two and a half years of part-time study or you may accelerate your program and take courses full-time (9 credits per semester) upon program director approval.

Do I need to have an undergraduate degree in business to pursue my MBA at Marist College?
No. The Marist MBA program is designed to accommodate the academic needs of working professionals with undergraduate degrees in areas outside of business as well as graduates of business-related programs. Marist's MBA program includes nine (9) core courses that provide graduates of other disciplines with the academic cornerstones in business that they will need to successfully complete their graduate studies in business administration. 

How long is each MBA course?
All of the Marist MBA Core and Concentration courses are delivered in 8-week accelerated cycles. Read more about our online course formatting.

How are the MBA courses structured?
Online courses are organized and presented in much the same way as you would expect from a traditional classroom experience. Lectures, readings, and class assignments are issued or posted at regular intervals throughout the course. Assignments and exams are time-sensitive in that they are due on a specific date. Online students simply submit work electronically on the date it's due. Read more about the MBA program and course structure.

How do online MBA courses work?
The communications capabilities are at the heart of the online MBA program and become seamless as you progress through the course. All work in the online classroom is completed and submitted online. You submit written work as an email attachment, such as a Word document or Excel spreadsheet. There is no on-campus requirement nor is everyone expected to be online at the same time. As with a traditional class, you are expected to read any textbook material or outside reading material prior to a certain due date specified in the course syllabus and course calendar. Usually, there are a number of discussion questions or problems due to each assignment that requires you to answer and/or participate in class discussion. For example, your professor may ask you to express your views about the ethical aspects of public policy. The professor expects each student to contribute their ideas in the conference room at their convenience by the due date and, where appropriate, to discuss alternative viewpoints with their classmates. Everyone participates!

Are there specific technical skills or computer system requirements needed to pursue my MBA degree online?
No. The only computer skills required are a familiarity with Windows, the Internet, and Microsoft Office. Technical support is available to online students through the Marist Help Desk.

What type of support services are offered for students in the MBA program?
The following support services will be offered:

Are internships offered through the MBA program?
The internship is not a part of the MBA program. However, faculty and staff will work with students to secure non-credit experience as a way to enhance the student experience beyond the standard MBA curriculum. Read more about MBA internships, employment, and career services.

Can international students apply for the Master of Business Administration program?
Yes. Since this is a fully online program, students located in any part of the world can enroll in this program. In addition, because the program is asynchronous, students can access the course materials and join chat room discussions at any time regardless of the time zone they are in.

How do I obtain my books if I am completing an online program or course?
Textbooks can be ordered online and shipped through the Marist College Bookstore.

Are there services to help me find a job?
The Marist College Office of Career Services provides students with assistance in job placement throughout the course of their enrollment in the program and upon graduation from the program. FoxQuest is a fully online job and internship search tool which allows students to search for and apply for positions from any location. Additionally, the School of Management maintains a listing of internships and employment opportunities that eligible students and alumni may apply for.