Fall '14 College Fairs: Connecticut


Date & Time



Litchfield High School Fair

Wed 9/10/14 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Litchfield, CT


 Cheshire HS College Fair 

Mon 9/15/14 6:00-8:00 p.m. OR

Thurs 10/9/14 6:00-8:00 p.m. 

Cheshire, CT


City of Milford College Fair

Thurs 9/18/14 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Milford, CT


Old Saybrook High School Fair

Mon 9/22/14 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Old Saybrook, CT


Bristol Central High School Fair

Tues 9/23/14 6:00 p.m.

Bristol, CT


Guilford High School Fair

Tues 9/23/14 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Guilford, CT


Branford High School Fair

Tues 9/23/14 9:00-11:00 a.m.

Branford, CT


OH Platt High School Fair

Wed 9/24/14 8:00 a.m.

Meriden, CT


John F. Kennedy High School Fair

Wed 9/24/14 8:00-11:00 a.m.

Waterbury, CT


Wolcott HS College Fair

Thurs 9/25/14 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Wolcott, CT 


Shelton High School Fair

Mon 9/29/14 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Shelton, CT


Francis T. Maloney HS Fair 

Tues 9/30/14 7:30-10:30 a.m.

Meriden, CT


The Gunnery Mini Fairs (1) 

Tues 9/30/14 2:15-3:00 p.m.

Washington, CT


Rockville High School Tri-Town College Fair

Thurs 10/2/14 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Vernon, CT


Post Secondary Options Consortium 

Fri 10/3/14 8:30-10:00 p.m. Bolton HS

10:30am-12:00 p.m. RHAM HS

1:00pm-2:10 p.m. Bacon Academy 


Bolton, CT 

Hebron, CT

Colchester, CT


Stonington High School Fair

Tues 10/7/14 9:00-10:30 a.m.

Stonington, CT


Notre Dame HS & Sacred Heart Academy Fair

Tues 10/7/14 6:30-8:30 p.m.

West Haven, CT


Waterford HS College Fair

Tues. 10/7/14 12:30-2:00 p.m.

Waterford, CT 


East Lyme HS College Fair

Tues 10/7/14 6:30-8:00 p.m.

East Lyme, CT


Kent School Mini Fair (1)

Tues 10/7/14 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Kent, CT


Ledyard High School Fair

Wed 10/8/14 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Ledyard, CT


West Haven HS Fair

Wed. 10/8/14 6:30-8:30 p.m.

West Haven, CT 


Wamogo Regional High School Fair

Thurs 10/9/14 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Litchfield, CT


Canterbury School College Night 

Thurs 10/9/14 7:00-8:00 p.m.

New Milford, CT


Choate Rosemary Hall Fair

10/13/14 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Wallingford, CT


Pomfret School College Fair

Tues 10/14/14 12:45-2:15 p.m.

Pomfret, CT


NEACAC Fair @ Sacred Heart University

Tues 10/14/14 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Fairfield, CT


"College Fair Partnership" Ridgefield & Wilton HS

Wed. 10/15/14 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Wilton, CT 


Stratford HS College Fair

Thurs 10/16/14 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Stratford, CT


Oxford HS College Fair

Thurs. 10/16/14 7:00-8:30 p.m. 

Oxford, CT


Greenwich HS College Fair

Thurs 10/16/14 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Greenwich, CT


Watertown High School College Fair

Thurs 10/16/14 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Watertown, CT


Danbury HS College Fair @ Danbury Fair Mall

Mon. 10/20/14 5:00-8:30 p.m.

Danbury, CT 


Capitol Region Consortium: Berlin HS

Mon 10/20/14 8:00-9:30 a.m.

Berlin, CT


Capitol Region Consortium: Hartford-Buckeley HS

Mon 10/20/14 10:15-11:15 a.m.

Hartford, CT


Capitol Region Consortium: Glastonbury HS

Mon 10/20/14 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Glastonbury, CT


The Gunnery Mini Fairs (2) 

Tues 10/21/14 2:15-3:00 p.m.

Washington, CT


Capitol Region Consortium: New Britain HS

Tues 10/21/14 7:30-9:20 a.m.

New Britain, CT


Capitol Region Consortium: Bloomfield HS

Tues 10/21/14 10:30-11:30 a.m.

Bloomfield, CT


Capitol Region Consortium: Granby Memorial HS

Tues 10/21/14 1:00-2:30 p.m.

Granby, CT


Capitol Region Consortium: Windsor HS

Tues 10/21/14 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Windsor, CT


Kent School Mini Fair (2) 

Tues 10/21/14 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Kent, CT


Capitol Region Consortium: Conard & Hall HS

Wed 10/22/14 6:30-8:00 p.m.

W. Hartford, CT


Stamford Public Schools Fair

Thurs 10/23/14 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Stamford, CT


Capitol Region Consortium: Newington HS

Thurs 10/23/14 7:30-9:10 a.m.

Newington, CT


Capitol Region Consortium: Somers HS

Thurs 10/23/14 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Somers, CT


Capitol Region Consortium: Suffield HS

Thurs 10/23/14 1:00-2:00 p.m.

W. Suffield, CT


Capitol Region Consortium: Lewis Mills HS

Thurs 10/23/14 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Burlington, CT


Capitol Region Consortium: South Windsor HS

Fri 10/24/14 7:30-9:30 a.m.

S. Windsor, CT


Capitol Region Consortium: Plainville HS

Fri 10/24/14 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Plainville, CT


Central Magnet High School Fair

Thurs 10/30/14 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Bridgeport, CT


Wallingford Public Schools College Fair

Thurs 11/3/14 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Wallingford, CT