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Marist Alumni Admission Program (MAAP)

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MAAP Resources

MAAP Resources 

Please review the following links and information to better prepare you for recruitment events, especially when covering college fairs. If you would like to set up a training session, e-mail and we will be happy to accommodate you.

MAAP Manual

Please take a moment to review the 2019-20 Marist Alumni Recruitment Team Manual, which includes admission requirement information, academic major descriptions, FAQ and more.


MART Training Manual


Guidelines for National College Fair Alumni Representatives

These guidelines were written for national college fair coverage that normally takes place in major cities and attracts hundreds of students. These guidelines should be followed for all college fairs you cover. Please take a moment to review the following guidelines.

College Fair Guifdelines



Academic Schools 

Various videos are featured in our General Information Session which highlight each academic school. Information sessions are given to prospective students and families prior to a student-led tour of campus. We also include information pertaining to The Marist Core to give students a sense of their overall academic experience at Marist. Watch the "Academics" playlist to navigate to each academic school video.

Video: Core Curriculum

Learn about Marist's Core Curriculum

Watch this brief video interview with Marist faculty to learn why Marist's core curriculum is unique and beneficial to students of all backgrounds and majors.