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Marist Alumni Admission Program (MAAP)

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Our alumni volunteers are important to the student recruitment process. It is the "personal touch" by alumni volunteers that often encourage students and families to become part of the Marist community.

Alumni admission volunteers from across the country can assist the Undergraduate Admission Office in recruiting qualified students by sharing their experiences during prospective and accepted student recruitment activities. We want our alumni to highlight just what it means to be a Marist Red Fox. In other words, the best recruiting the best. 

Volunteers can participate in several outreach activities, including college fairs, virtual admission programs, congratulatory phone calls, writing campaigns and testimonials, and regional receptions. 

Giving back is an innate part of all who graduate from Marist College, and our alumni see it as a way to share their Marist pride and spirit. 

Marist Alumni Admission Program is a platform that connects alumni with volunteer opportunities offered through the college. When our alumni come together to lend a hand, the impact of our volunteer efforts reaches every corner of our global Marist communities as an excellent networking tool.   


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