Internship Testimonials


In my position for the Globe Showroom I have...worked a designers' showcase...also had the opportunity to help set up and work New York City's Fashion Coterie. While working Coterie I got to observe buyers from around the world. My experience at the Globe has provided me with useful information for my future in the industry, and has allowed me apply my studies in a real world setting.  Julie - Class of 2011

 santucci internship pic

Interning at Bottega Veneta has been an amazing opportunity. I was able to gain hands on experience in the Communications/Public Relations department. I assisted on sample send outs to major publications ranging from Vogue to the New York Times, as well as send outs to stylists for celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon and Debra Messing. I also compiled scans of brand mentions or credits to be used in quarterly reports. Other responsibilities included sending out press kits, maintaining contact lists, and providing merchandise credit information for publication. This internship showed me all the little details that go into the managing of a brand. It was extremely interesting to see my studies applied in a real world setting. I could not have chosen a better place to begin my path in the fashion industry, than as an intern at Bottega Veneta. Liz - Class of 2010

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Interning at Versace has given me great insight into the fashion industry and first hand experience with major fashion events and fashion editorials. As an intern for the public Relation Coordinator of Accessories, I was put in charge of sample requests for major publications such as Vogue, InStyle, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, W Magazine, and WWD, as well as many International requests from Milan, Russia, and Paris. I also learned how to maintain the credits for price and descriptive requests of the merchandise for the magazines. I became responsible for fashion research reports and weekly editorial reports to keep up with our competitors, and stay on track of our progress with editorials. It is truly amazing how you develop an understanding and love for all of the small aspects that go into the big picture of communicating the look, the merchandise, and the brand to the consumer. There are no words to describe viewing your work and your responsibilities in such successful and well-known publications. My experiences at Versace have helped me to grow in the industry and develop knowledge that I will be able to carry with me throughout my career in fashion. Megan - Class of 2010



Marist summer intern at Haddad brands preparing samples in the Levi girl showroom before Dillard's department store buyers come in for meeting.  Brittany – Class of  2011

Cara Hollan

Interning at Think Public Relations/Caravan greatly expanded my knowledge of the fashion industry both in publicizing and retailing. At ThinkPR, I worked closely with all the associates in the firm aiding them in press clips, steaming clothes, and send outs. I also was assigned major tasks such as being in charge of the online advertisement for a Humane Society Event hosted by Nigel Barker! For this event I searched the web to find sites that would post our charity event and then e-mailed the sites the invite to be posted. The internship not only had me help with planning events, but I also attended and worked the events. The internship at Caravan, a high-end boutique on the upper east, dealt with retail. From working in an intimate setting, I learned all aspects of retail including buying, selling, and merchandising. Both the Caravan and ThinkPR internship were great experiences where I learned many skills crucial to the fashion world.
Cara - Class of 2011

Andrea Muller

This summer interning at Muse Apparel on 7th Ave. in New York City has been an amazing experience. I have learned a great deal about the way a fashion company works and how it deals with competition, the economy, trends, and the rest of the industry as a whole. Interning at Muse has helped me to open my eyes as to how important pre-career experience is to help narrow the focus on what path I really would like to take. Being a Merchandise Major I participate mainly in the Sales department but I am exposed to all aspects of the company including design and production. I observe fittings, help put together color and fabric swatches for trim sheets, use Photoshop to edit photos of the garments, answer phones, run garments to different companies, sit in on meetings with buyers and check orders from trade shows. All of these aspects of my tasks as an intern really help me to understand what each leg of the company has to do to come together and work together as a successful whole. Just by being able to be a part of all of these areas has given me a well rounded understanding and familiarity of what is to come in the future.
Andrea - Class of 2009

Nicole Byrne

As an intern at PAPER Magazine, I have been able to experience hands on what goes on at a magazine. Though I don't specifically work in the fashion department, I do deal a lot with the garments that are to be used for photo shoots. When an item comes into the office, I have to fill out sheets that describe each garment in great detail, making sure to check off each one individually, so as not to leave any behind/be sure that none have been left out. I have also been given the opportunity to go on the actual photo shoots, working under the stylists. For one shoot, the stylist even let me pick out the specific looks that the models wore in the shoot! Overall, my internship has been a great one, since I really love the environment at PAPER. My experiences here have provided me with helpful insight for my future in the industry.
Mallory - Class of 2008

Nicole Byrne

Having the opportunity to intern in the sales division of IT USA has been an unbelievable experience. Not only did I get to work with great people, I also got to work with the collections of some of my favorite designers, ranging from Galliano to Cavalli. I got to witness the whole sales process for the market period of Winter/Fall 2008. It was amazing getting to take part in merchandising the showroom, dressing and accessorizing models, as well as helping with appointments between the buyers and our vendors during market week. My fashion classes at Marist definitely prepared me for a lot of the responsibilities I was given. Some tasks included updating pricing and line sheets, preparing look booklets and putting together style/purchase information for clients. Overall it was a great time, and I'm glad to know I found a job I have fun doing.
Nicole - Class of 2008

Kaitlyn - Class of 2009

Jessica D

As an intern at BCBG Max Azria, I worked with the right-wing brands, primarily BCBGeneration. I worked closely with both the sales team and the merchandising team. In the showroom, I would help to organize the different deliveries of clothes, dress the mannequins, steam the clothes, and perform any other activities that would help in the preparation of the showroom for appointments. In the office, I often helped the merchandisers with excel spreadsheets, such as hindsight's and selling history. In addition, I assisted the sales team by making phone calls to new prospects, and assembling BCBGeneration packages and post cards to send out to new prospects. BCBG was a great place to work, because the people that worked there were nice, appreciative of my work, and were always willing to help me learn. Overall it was a terrific experience, and I learned a lot about merchandising and wholesale sales.
Jessica - Class of 2008

Lauren Scopelliti

Interning at Donna Karan in the planning division has provided me with a solid foundation for my future career. Working alongside the planners and the buyers has offered me a clear understanding of how the retail end of the business works. My time in the planning division has been spent analyzing sales trends, organizing and building in-depth spreadsheets and predicting future budgets and markdowns. The knowledge I have learned in my fashion merchandising classes have definitely been helpful during my internship. These classes coupled with my experiences at Donna Karan have provided me with a solid foundation and unforgettable experiences that I will carry with me throughout my career.
Lauren - Class of 2008


Having the opportunity to intern in the accessories sales department at Michael Kors has been a great way to bring the fashion merchandising curriculum to life. My daily tasks include anything from scheduling meetings with buyers to tracking samples to creating spreadsheets for analyzing sales. My supervisors give me a lot of responsibility and are always willing to answer any questions along the way. I feel confident that the combination of my coursework at Marist and my experience as an intern will prepare me for my future in the fashion industry.
Valerie - Class of 2009


As a beauty and fashion editorial intern at Family Circle, I've experienced the inner workings of the magazine business firsthand. My job requires a ton of organization: I keep track of all the clothing, shoes, cosmetics and skincare products we receive from PR companies and assemble accurate credit information for whatever we feature in the magazine. Every day on the job is an exciting new experience: sorting through piles of bikinis in January, calling twenty PR reps to figure out which brand of lip-gloss the beauty editor used in her last story, sitting in on a pitch from a handbag designer, or helping out with a photo shoot for an upcoming issue!
Meghan - Class of 2008

Nicole Mitson

Interning at Donna Karan International has allowed me to put my classroom based knowledge to work with hands on experience which has cultivated my comprehensive understanding of the material overall. Working alongside the assistant and senior buyers I have gained insight into the actual occurrences in the buying segment of the fashion industry. The combination of a sound educational program and my internship experience has given me the skills and confidence I need to enter into the industry.
Nicole - Class of 2008

Morgan Henry

Working at More Magazine has been an amazing experience that has solidified my desire to enter fashion publishing. At More I have worked extensively with the Fashion, Beauty and Accessories Editors as well as the Model Castings Director. I have compiled sample lists, maintained the beauty and fashion closets, organized press releases, helped book models, fact checked articles and prepped for photo shoots. From printing out look-books, to fact checking final copy, I was able to take part in the many steps that lead to publishing. The Fashion Program at Marist College and my internships have given me a glimpse into the world of fashion publishing and provided me with many memories. I now feel confident in entering the fast- paced, ever- changing Fashion Industry. 
with Christie Brinkley for an upcoming More issue. -Morgan - Class of 2008,


Working at Allure magazine has truly been an amazing experience. I learned a lot about the fashion magazine industry and was able to gain a better understanding of the hard work that goes into producing a top fashion magazine. At Allure, I worked with the booking editors. I had to help make sure that everything was booked for each photo shoot. Many people do not realize that it takes a lot of hard work to set up photo shoot. Not only did I help with booking models, props, venues, and stylists, I was always able to attend a photo shoot. This is an experience that I will always remember. Putting everything together, attending the photo shoot and finally seeing the final outcome in the magazine has no words to describe it. Working at Allure was a great time and I was very committed to my job. I hope that one day I will be able to work at a talented fashion magazine. Jacqueline - Class of 2008

Jessica Chromczak

Having the opportunity to intern for Calvin Klein was an amazing experience for me. I was able to apply what I learned from my education at Marist, into this internship, which helped it become a great success! I was able to learn so much from this internship that I feel confident going out and working in the fashion industry.
Jessica - Class of 2007

Stefanie Gillespie

I have gained invaluable experience from my internship, and I feel it has prepared me for a career in the fashion industry. I enjoyed learning new skills and I got hands-on experience which will help me in my future endeavors."
Stefanie - Class of 2008

Sarah Andrews

My fall semester of my senior year I interned at Armani Exchange in the Women's Merchandising Department. I shadowed the Women's Merchandise Managers. I kept track of samples and lab dips from various seasons in all of the categories in the women's department. I was given a special competitive shopping project, which required me to shop A|X competitors and report my findings on trends, prices, made in labels, colors, fabrics, and silhouettes. I also had the opportunity to sit in on fittings along with design and tech. In my spring semester, I interned at the Design Library in Wappinger's Falls. The Design Library is the world's largest collection of fabrics, paintings, wallpapers, embroideries, and yarn dyes. The collection is housed in a warehouse where it is categorized and organized. The pieces in the Library are shown in sales meetings to design and creative teams who purchases pieces to use as inspiration in their collections. My day to day duties included coding and organizing pieces in the library, mounting fabric swatches and paintings, and assisting sales representatives in pulling collections for sales meetings (for such retailers as AE, Victoria's Secret, and Banana Republic). Other opportunities included accompanying sales reps on sales meetings at retail headquarters in NYC, and observing in house sales meetings by design teams from various retailers (such as Chico's, Coldwater Creek, and Mint)
Sarah - Class of 2007

Julie Honeycutt

I have nothing but great things to say about my internship experience at B. Robinson Optical. Unlike the typical intern "duties" such as making copies, running errands for the boss and making coffee, my internship tasks within the company's product development department had a much higher level of responsibility than one would expect. From finding inspiration and possible materials, shapes and techniques for future sunglass and optical designs, to reviewing and editing order placements to be sent to international factories, I never felt as if my intern responsibilities were at all meaningless. From my personal experience, Marist's fashion program does an excellent job at finding and placing interested students in internships that leave them with first hand knowledge and experience that will carry over to their future careers.
Julie - Class of 2007