About the Music Program

Under the guidance of Arthur B. Himmelberger, Director of Music, the various instrumental and vocal performance ensembles have become the backbone of the Marist College Music Department. The program has grown tremendously in recent years and is the residence for a 'family' of nearly 400 (non-music major) students. The young men and women that comprise this family pursue their love for music through the achievement of musical excellence while performing on the Marist campus as well as throughout the greater Hudson River Valley, New York State, the Nation, and abroad.

Each Marist student can participate in several of the nineteen performing ensembles and take a variety of courses offered in music theory and music history. We also offer courses ranging in interest from applied voice and instrumental studies, to researching the lives and works of renowned composers.  The Marist music student experiences an environment of individual care and attention that is conducive to personal musical growth. These nurtured skills contribute to the musical vitality of the College and remain with the student, to be used and enjoyed throughout their lives.

The Music Department offers a Music Minor with both instrumental and vocal tracks. All music students are encouraged to consider the declaration of a Music Minor however it is not a requirement for full participation in our ensembles and as well for thorough enjoyment of our music course offerings.

Three of the most highly visible and active organizations on campus are the Marist College Band, Marist College Singers and Marist College Orchestra.

All of the instrumental and vocal ensembles may be taken for academic credit. Additionally, membership in these ensembles will provide the student with coveted club "priority points" that are necessary for students to obtain the best possible on-campus housing accommodations during the sophomore, junior and senior years.

Marist musical ensembles are seen throughout the school year performing on and off campus, in the surrounding community, across the Nation and around the globe. In April 1999 the Marist Singers sang at the canonization of Saint Marcellin Champagnat for the Pope in Rome.

Marist musical ensembles have also performed in Montreal, Boston, Hawaii, Florida, New Jersey, Arizona, California and Washington, D.C.