JLD Info

What Is Job Location And Development?

Job Location And Development (JLD) is designed to locate and develop off-campus, part-time jobs for students during the academic year as well as full-time positions during the summer.

Who Can Participate?

The services of this program are available to both full and part-time students, including those registered in the Graduate and Adult Enrollment and involved in a credit bearing program. Students do not have to demonstrate financial need nor meet special academic requirements to participate. This program, however, may not be used for placement after graduation.

How Do I Apply?

The simple procedure of filing an Off-Campus (JLD) application registers you with the JLD program.

What Jobs are Available?

Currently, jobs are listed on the JLD bulletin board outside the Office of Student Financial Services (Donnelly 200) and the website. If none of the posted positions appear to be in line with your interests, state your areas of interest on your application so that the Student Employment Representative will be better able to assist you. Please note that, as a referral program, we cannot guarantee you a job.

How Do I Get A Job?

During your appointment with the Student Employment Representative, job referral efforts will be made confirming an interview time and date. You will be competing with others for the position so it is important to go to the interview well prepared. It is the student's responsibility to keep the Director informed regarding the interview results. If you do not get the job for which you have interviewed, you may return to JLD for another referral.

What Are My Responsibilities as a Student Employee?

First, make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your employment, i.e., salary, hours, and duties. Do not accept a job if you do not like the position, as you will be expected to honor your commitments. Second, be sure to arrive on time for work. If there is some reason for tardiness or absence, notify the employer at least one day in advance, or as soon as is possible. Last, if you are experiencing any difficulties on the job, discuss them with your employer. Failure to utilize JLD services in a responsible manner will make you ineligible for JLD during the remainder of that academic year.

For More Information

The Job Location and Development program is located in the Office of Student Financial Services (Donnelly 200). The office is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 7:00pm and Friday 8:30-5pm (during the summer our hours are Monday - Thursday 8am to 7:00pm and 8am - 4pm Friday).