Admission & Financial Aid

On-Campus Employment Info

Steps to On Campus Employment

  1. Campus EmploymentNew students who are awarded the Work Study allocation as a part of their financial aid package will be invited to attend the Job Fair at the start of the fall term. At the job fair, students will have the opportunity to meet and speak with many offices that are hiring. Campus jobs can help to supplement career aspirations and positions are often available at the Marist Help Desk, MIPO, Undergraduate Admission, Advancement, Athletics, and more! Students are encouraged to bring multiple copies of their resume and/or profile sheet, which will be provided by the Associate Director of Student Employment in the email invitation, to hand out during the fair. It is a best practice for students to note which office they spoke to and follow up with an email or phone call if they do not hear back within three weeks. Please note: anticipated earnings are not applied to the estimated net cost, and employment is not guaranteed.
  2. Upon accepting a position, students will be required to pick up and fill out the New Hire Paperwork Packet (I-9, W-4, IT-2104 & Optional Direct Deposit Agreement) and present original, unexpired forms of documentation proving eligibility to work in the U.S. to the Office of Student Employment in DN 217 or the Office of Student Financial Services in DN 200. 
  3. ePAF: Electronic Personnel Action Product (Student Work Authorization Form)
    • The supervisor will initiate an electronic work authorization for a student.  If the student is a new employee to the college, hiring forms must be completed before an electronic work authorization can be initiated. Once the job is created, the students will have access to the HR tab via myMarist, where they can see their timesheet and other pertinant documents for employment policies and procedures. Additional information can also be found via the Student Financial Services-Student Employment tab of myMarist.


Pay Levels and Rates

  • Must be paid in accordance with Federal & State Minimum Wage Regulations.


Undergraduate students must earn th current minimum wage an hour during the academic year. If a higher pay rate is requested, it must be approved by the Vice President in charge of that particular department. This signed memo indicating the justification of a higher pay rate must be attached to the Work Authorization form in order to process it.


Graduate students are eligible to earn up to $12.00 an hour as of 2020. If a higher pay rate is requested, it must be approved by the Vice President in charge of that particular department. This signed memo indicating the justification of a higher pay rate must be attached to the work authorization form in order to process it

Summer Hiring Policies

Students working during the summer intersession must have their supervisor complete an ePAF for the summer assignment. Employment during the summer is paid under Campus Employment so when creating the ePAF for summer assignment, the position will begin with a "C". The pay rates for the summer intersession are determined by the department supervisor, but should not be below current minimum wage.

Payroll Procedures

Federal law requires all employees to prove their eligibility to work in the United States PRIOR to working. This certification requires that the students come to the Student Financial Services Office with their work authorization to complete an
I-9. A copy of the I-9 form showing the substantiation requirements is attached for your information. We have found that many students do not come to campus with the documentation necessary to satisfy the I-9 requirements and that many are prohibited from working for several weeks until proper documentation is supplied. Even if you offer a student a job by completing a work authorization form for them, THEY CANNOT WORK UNTIL YOU RECEIVE VERIFICATION FROM THE STUDENT EMPLOYMENT OFFICE THAT THEY HAVE SATISFIED THIS FEDERAL REQUIREMENT.

Students working for the first time on campus will also be asked to complete the Federal tax form W-4 and the NYS tax form IT-2104 when they come to complete the I-9. Students who have previous assignments at the College have already satisfied the I-9 and tax form requirements, if they have not expired. THE I-9 RECEIPT CARD SHOULD BE CONSIDERED APPROVAL FOR THE STUDENT TO BEGIN WORK.

College Policy

During the academic year, along with our winter break, the college can only hire Marist students for on-campus positions through our student employment program. During winter and summer breaks, departments should make every effort to fill positions with Marist students. If you are unable to do so, contact Tenisha Lane, Associate Director of Student Employment.

  • ePAF (Electronic Student Work Authorization Form)

    • The Office of Student Financial Services is responsible for all policies surrounding student employment.
    • If a student will be working for you but the time worked will be charged to multiple accounts, both account numbers must be indicated with an ePAF along with rate of pay and authorized hours for each.
    • Students must not exceed the hours per week agreed by both the supervisor and the student.
    • Students with multiple work assignments are not allowed to exceed a combined total of 20 hours in one week during the academic year.
  • The College follows NYS labor law for all employees.
    • 6 or more hours require a ½ hour break.
    • During winter and summer, overtime is paid when a student works more than 40 hours per week. However, College policy limits hours to 20 during the academic year.


Authorized Web Timesheets - Once the student (international or domestic) meets all requirements from both the Payroll Office and the Office of Student Financial Services, an authorized web timesheet will be available to them on Student workers are paid on the Bi-Weekly Payroll. In order to be paid on time, it is critical that you submit your time sheet to your supervisor on time. You are responsible for submitting your time sheet electronically on to your supervisor.  If you do not submit your time sheet on time, your supervisor will not be able to approve it.  Without your supervisor's approval you will not be paid on time. 

Bi-Weekly time sheets must be submitted by 5:00 PM on the Friday the pay period ends.

1.  Late time sheets will be processed the next pay cycle

2.  Working 6 or more hours requires a 1/2 hour break.

Student Payroll Reports

The payroll office provides two separate reports for supervisors to verify student employment information.

  • The first report will accompany batched timesheets. The report shows rate of pay, hours authorized to work, and the assignment number.
  • The second report will follow each student pay date indicating the hours the student was paid and at what rate.

Please take the time to look over each report for accuracy. Please notify Patty Peabody in the Payroll Office at extension 2310 immediately if you have any questions or concerns.