Administrative Computing


The Administrative Computing support staff provides implementation, development and maintenance support for the College's Enterprise Application PLUS System, as well as in-house written application systems. These systems collectively provide administrative and academic solutions for the business needs of the campus community and enhance the service delivery to students, faculty and staff.

The PLUS (IAPROD) system support functions for the following areas:

  • Student Information, including student records, registration, accounts receivable, academic history, curriculum and program planning/advising, and self-service for faculty and students.

The Banner system supports functions for the following areas:

  • Financial Aid, including need analysis and verification, requirements tracking, packaging and disbursement. Additional functionalities include funds management, award history maintenance and various loans/grants processing.
  • Advancement, including individual and organization records, membership tracking, prospect management, designation, campaign, pledge and gift processing
  • Human Resource including employee information, payroll processing and benefit management.
  • Financial Systems including financial accounting, accounts payable, purchasing, budget and asset management.

We are in the initial phase of migrating to Banner, with completion slated for summer 2010.


Enterprise Data Reporting via FOCUS for the Student Information System and Argos for Financial Aid, Advancement, Human Resources and the Financial System.


Support is provided to the administrative staff to trouble shoot their existing FOCUS reports and create new reports. In addition, support and training is provided for downloading enterprise data via FOCUS to be used in other applications.

Student Self-Services:

Support and maintenance is provided for our online student information system. Students may use it to:

  • Enroll for classes
  • View your grades
  • View your unofficial academic transcript
  • Print your class schedule
  • View your bursar account
  • Submit credit card payments
  • View your holds
  • View and accept financial aid

Faculty and Advisor Self-Services:

Support and maintenance is provided for our online Faculty/Advisor information system.

Faculty may use it to:

  • View your faculty schedule
  • View your class list
  • Grade classes

Advisors may use it to:

  • View your advisees' grades
  • View your advisees' unofficial academic transcript
  • View your advisees' holds
  • View your advisees' transfer credit
  • View your advisees' holds

BATCH Support:

Support is provided for BATCH job submission. This includes the creation of new BATCH jobs as well trouble shooting failed jobs. 24/7 support is provided for mission-critical BATCH jobs

Database Support:

Development and support is provided for in-house databases applications which augment our PLUS system.