Women's Studies

The interdisciplinary Women's Studies program at Marist, while just a minor, packs a lot of wallop! The minor was approved in 1996. WS students stand out on campus due to their exceptional record of achievements, the opportunities they have taken advantage of to enrich their educational experience, and their wide array of interests and activities. For instance, WS students:

  • Include a class valedictorian;
  • Have some of the highest overall GPAs;
  • Have gone on to Graduate and Law Schools;
  • Take part in the international feminist conference held at Marist annually and have attended other WS and Gender conferences delivering academic papers and taking part in workshops;
  • Have attended cultural events including a preview of Eve Ensler's latest one woman monologue The Good Body; a reading by Barbara Kingsolver; and performances by slam poet Alix Olson;
  • Have produced performances such as one by legendary folk singer Alix Dobkins;
  • Have designed some of their own internships and independent study projects;
  • Work closely with WS faculty on projects and research;
  • And, they make a difference on campus and off.

WS Faculty hail from all the different Schools on campus, and are known to bring their passion of teaching and learning into the classroom and into the community. WS faculty are some of the most widely published scholars on campus. A brief current bibliography of WS works include:

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