Creating an AKO Account for Contracted Cadets

Updated Instructions: March 2012

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Register Without A CAC”
  3. Enter Social Security Number, Click "Enter"
  4. Enter Date of Birth in this format: MM/DD/YEAR
  5. Enter Exact Contracting Date in Pay Entry Date (PEBD) field in same format as above, Click "Next"
  6. The screen should display your name, Click "Next"
  7. Next screen will ask you to verify your external email address, Click "Next"
  8. Fill in the below information:
      Organization: Fordham University AROTC
      Organization Street Address: 441 East Fordham Road, FMH 130
      Organization City: Bronx
      Organization State: NY
      Organization Zip Code: 10458
      Phone Number: (718) 817-4875
      Your Cell Phone Number and Provider
      Click "Next"
  9. Create a Password, Click "Next"
      Ensure that the password you create is a minimum of 10 characters containing a minimum of: 2 capital letters, 2 lower case letters, 2 numbers, 2 special symbols, and 2 additional characters of any variety
      Be sure to write down your user name and password and store in a safe place. Click Next.
  10. You will select a series of password questions. Click "Next" / "Finish"
  11. Log in to AKO using your designated user name and the password you selected
  12. You will be required to select 15 security questions and answers that are required for all Non-CAC users to prevent identity theft. Click "Next" / "Finish"
  13. Log in to AKO again, confirm the consent to monitoring notice, and enter your password, and click “I Agree”
  14. You will be logged in to AKO. If you experience problems, contact the help desk
  15. Once your account is activated, use your AKO email to email the ROO at, email your MS Instructor, and the OPS NCO at