Student Involvement

Instructions on How to Create an AKO Account

Creating an AKO Account for Contracted Cadets

  • Go to
  • Click "Register Without A CAC”
  • Enter Social Security Number, Click "Enter"
  • Enter Date of Birth in this format: MM/DD/YEAR
  • Enter Exact Contracting Date in Pay Entry Date (PEBD) field in same format as above, Click "Next"
  • The screen should display your name, Click "Next"
  • Next screen will ask you to verify your external email address, Click "Next"
  • Fill in the below information: 
    •   Organization: Fordham University AROTC
    •   Organization Street Address: 441 East Fordham Road, FMH 130
    •   Organization City: Bronx
    •   Organization State: NY
    •   Organization Zip Code: 10458
    •   Phone Number: (718) 817-4875
    •   Your Cell Phone Number and Provider
    • Click "Next"
  • Create a Password, Click "Next" 
  • Ensure that the password you create is a minimum of 10 characters containing a minimum of: 2 capital letters, 2 lower case letters, 2 numbers, 2 special symbols, and 2 additional characters of any variety
  • Be sure to write down your user name and password and store in a safe place. Click Next.
  • You will select a series of password questions. Click "Next" / "Finish"
  • Log in to AKO using your designated user name and the password you selected
  • You will be required to select 15 security questions and answers that are required for all Non-CAC users to prevent identity theft. Click "Next" / "Finish"
  • Log in to AKO again, confirm the consent to monitoring notice, and enter your password, and click “I Agree”
  • You will be logged in to AKO. If you experience problems, contact the help desk
  • Once your account is activated, use your AKO email to email the ROO at, email your MS Instructor, and the OPS NCO at