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On-Campus Jobs

A student can either work on-campus under our Federal Work Study Program or through Campus Employment.

Off-Campus Jobs (FoxQuest)

FoxQuest is designed to locate and develop part time off-campus jobs for students during the academic year as well as full time positions during the summer. You must register as an employer to be eligible to use this service.

This information is to assist both the employer and student to make initial contact with each other. Marist College makes no representations in regard to the suitability of either the employer or the student in relation to the possible employment.
  • Check out Available Off-Campus Jobs
  • Add a Job (Local Businesses)
    • First time employers:
      1. First, visit FoxQuest 
      2. Choose the "Register and Post Job" button if you want to post a job at this time.  You will then receive, via email, a password within one week.
      3. Choose the "Register" button, fill out the registration form and Submit.  If you choose the "Register" button, the software will send a password to your email within one week.

      Marist College reserves the right to withhold this service from organizations or positions that are not deemed to be appropriate for our students in relation to their educational and career goals.  Marist College and/or Career Services does not verify or screen job candidates.  It is the responsibility of the employer to research candidates thoroughly.
  • Job Location and Development Information