Online MBA Scholarship Opportunities

Grants, Loans and Scholarships for Business Administration Master’s Degree Students

Marist offers merit and alumni scholarships and academic partnerships with select employers and organizations to assist students with tuition costs. Financial need is not required to be eligible for merit scholarships.

Merit Graduate Scholarships

Academic Merit Scholarships Eligibility Requirements   Amount Awardable
 Graduate Academic Award  3.2 - 3.49 GPA  $150/course
 Graduate Scholars Award  3.5 GPA or higher  $250/course
 Marist Alumni Academic Award       upon accept  $150/course
 Marist Alumni Scholars Award  3.5 GPA or higher       $250/course

Online MBA Scholarship OpportunitiesAwards are determined upon acceptance into a graduate program based on the applicant's cumulative GPA from their undergraduate degree granting institution or most recently earned graduate/professional degreeNo more than one merit scholarship will be awarded to each student. To learn more, visit our graduate scholarships page

In addition, the Marist College Office of Student Financial Services offers funding opportunities and resources and will make every effort to assist you with financing the cost of your education.

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