Programs for all stages of learning

Marist College School of Computer Science and MathThe School of Computer Science and Mathematics offers a wide variety of learning opportunities for students of all ages and at all stages of their career. We encourage you to read the latest issue of FoxLogic Magazine to learn more about the awards, accolades, and research activities of ourfaculty, students, and corporate partners.


Undergraduate & Certificate Programs:

At the traditional and adult undergraduate level, our school offers five distinct degree choices. The Institute for Data Center Professionals (IDCP) offers non-credit and credit-bearing online courses and certificates for students and working professionals looking to attain greater knowledge in Enterprise Systems.

B.S. Applied Mathematics                                              

B.S. Computer Science

B.A. Mathematics

B.S. Information Technology and Systems

B.A. Math/Education

B.S. Data Science and Analytics

B.S. Game Design and Emerging Media

Data Center Facilities Management Certificates

Cybersecurity Minor

Certificate in Cybersecurity

5-Year Programs:

For undergraduate students, 5-year study options are available that result in a graduate level degree. 

B.S./M.S. Computer Science/Software Development

B.S./M.S. Information Systems


Graduate Programs and Advanced Certificates:

At the graduate level, the M.S. Computer Science/Software Development and an M.S. Information Systems is offered both online and on our campus. Additionally, our certificate programs provide learning and skills development.

M.S. Computer Science/Software Development         

Advanced Certificate in Information Systems

M.S. Information Systems

Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics

Summer Pre-College and Greystone:

The Summer Pre-College program in Game Design provides hands-on learning with an introduction to programming theory on the beautiful Marist College campus. In addition, the Greystone program offers college level courses to high school juniors and seniors through an online bridge program. 

Greystone college level courses for high school juniors and seniors 

Computer Game Design