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School of Computer Science and Mathematics

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The School of Computer Science and Mathematics prepares its students to live and work within a technologically driven, rapidly changing world. The School provides broad-based mathematical and technological education within the context of a solid liberal arts foundation. Students receive in-depth instruction in the theoretical underpinnings of their chosen fields, which they can apply through a wide variety of practical experiences. Study in each of the School’s undergraduate majors provides students with professional preparation for entry into fields of work associated with the major. Concurrently, students’ learning prepares them for advanced study in career-oriented graduate programs.

“We are a Marist family. Once you have become part of Marist, you always belong to Marist. So returning to Marist to teach was like coming home. But the very best part of Marist is the student. It is uplifting, even exciting, to watch young people blossom, find themselves and develop their passion for technology.” 

~ Anne Matheus, ’71 (BA), ’75 (MA), ’96 (MS), Associate Professor of Information Technology and Chair of the Computing Technology Department at Marist.

Graduate Programs and Advanced Certificates