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At Marist, we measure student success by more than just grades or salary in a first job: we help our students fully develop their intellect, character, and skills.  That being said, our students go on to highly successful careers in a variety of professional fields, attend some of the most respected graduate schools, and are awarded some of the nation’s most prestigious fellowships.  The strong foundation students receive prepares them to take on the many challenges and opportunities that await after graduation.  At the same time – and just as importantly – a Marist education instills a firm commitment to serving others and promoting the social good.  No matter what path career path our students ultimately choose, the Marist educational experience prepares them to lead lives that are both rewarding and meaningful.  And that’s the definition of success.

Perhaps every college is proud of its students and recent graduates, but at Marist we feel as if we really have something to brag about. Our School of Computer Science and Mathematics students are among the finest in the country, and they are accepted into prestigious internship programs, competitive graduate schools, and highly sought-after jobs. A walk down the hallways of the Hancock Center yields any number of exceptional men and women.

Graphic of: 99% Employed or Attending Graduate School


In addition, the School has a robust network of alumni at leading international companies such as IBM, Goldman Sachs, and Cisco, as well as graduates working at small, start-up ventures scattered throughout the region. This network offers students learning and mentoring experiences that complement those presented in the classroom. “Other than my parents, Marist was the single most formative experience and reason I am who I am today.” - Ross Mauri, ’80 Vice President of Enterprise Process Transformation at IBM

Graphic of: Notable Destinations. • Apple • Fitch Solutions • Gemini Fund Services • Goldman Sachs • Google • IBM • Infosys • Morgan Stanley • Rockstar San Diego • Hartford Financial Services • UPS • USAA • Verizon


The students, faculty, staff, alumni, and Advisory Board aren’t the only ones who think that Marist’s School of Computer Science and Mathematics is top-notch. Time and time again, our programs have been recognized by organizations outside of academia, receiving praise, awards, and competitive grants and funding. In fact, since 2004, the School of Computer Science and Mathematics has received not one, but six major grants from the National Science Foundation. In addition, as part of a $3 million grant from New York State, Marist was named the NYS Center of Excellence in Cloud Computing and Business Analytics, a program that is helping boost economic growth and development throughout the state.