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School of Computer Science and Math Summer Pre-College

Earn college credit and get a taste of campus life while still in high school. The Marist Summer Pre-College program allows high school students to experience the excitement of college life at one of the top rated Colleges and Universities in the country! The School of Computer Science and Math offers two unique Pre-College courses in the technology field.


At the Marist Cybersecurity Pre-College Program, you’ll take the first steps towards becoming an ethical hacker by learning some of the tools and techniques used in this field.  You don’t have to have any programming experience; we’ll teach you everything you need to create secure code and test for vulnerabilities in information technology systems.  Using the same tools as security professionals, you’ll learn about viruses, worms, and other types of malware, passwords, encryption, phishing, cyber-warfare, and wireless network security.

Game Design

If you enjoy video games, why not design and create your own? In the Marist Game Design Pre-College Program, students begin creating games, initially simple ones and then increasingly sophisticated ones. You will learn how to create, test, and debug different types of exciting games such as scrolling shooters, maze games, platform games, and 3D parallax games. With this modern, user-friendly approach, in seemingly no time you will be well on your way to making real, viable video games that you can even share with your friends. No prior programming experience is required.