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In the time I have been at Marist College, the college has grown in the number of students, the size of its physical plant, the quality of its students, and its reputation. Marist has gone from a regional college to a nationally recognized college. The School of Computer Science and Mathematics has also experienced significant growth and reputation. 

The technology available to our students is incredible; rivaling what would be available at a large research1 university, without the large class sizes, the graduate teaching assistants, and faculty teaching hundreds of students. The School also houses the Enterprise Computing Research Lab, the Software Defined Networking Innovation Center, the Institute for Data Center Professionals, and is now the New York State Center of Excellence in Cloud. And speaking of faculty, the School’s faculty members are outstanding teachers and researchers, who take a personal interest in each of their students. Quoting from the recent edition of the Princeton Review, “students gush about their professors.”

Our students are extremely successful both while at Marist and after they graduate. Our students, while still undergraduates have interned at Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Goldman Sachs, to name just a few. They have participated in NSF-funded research experiences at both Marist and other institutions including University of North Carolina, Texas A&M, and the University of California San Bernardino. Our graduates have gone on to jobs at IBM, Morgan Stanley, Apple, Microsoft, USAA, Goldman Sachs, or have gone to graduate schools at places like RPI, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, and Wesleyan. Some have even started their own successful businesses. And what’s also impressive about these students is their loyalty to Marist College. When these students become successful at these companies, they don’t forget where they started. 

Please explore our variety of programs and robust network of resources.

Carolyn Matheus, Interim Dean

Office Location: Hancock Center 3013
Phone: (845) 575-3610

Degrees Held:

PhD, Organizational Studies, University at Albany
MA, Psychology, Marist College
BA, Psychology, Marist College


Dr. Carolyn C. Matheus is Interim Dean of the School of Computer Science and Mathematics at Marist College. She holds a PhD in Organizational Studies with a concentration in leadership from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Albany, and earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from Marist College. 

Her undergraduate and graduate coursework mirror her research streams, focusing on systems analysis and design, human computer interaction, data and information quality, data analytics, and project management. She serves as an internship coordinator for Computer Science and Information Technology/Systems students, assisting students in building their resumes and developing interviewing skills, as well as developing and maintaining relationships with alumni and companies who provide internships and jobs to students. 

Dr. Matheus leads numerous faculty-student research projects, many as part of Honors Program projects. She has collaborated with the Emerging Leadership program by offering a seminar on authentic leadership, and in 2019 was the recipient of The National Society of Leadership and Success award for Excellence in Teaching. She has worked extensively with Marist International Program, co-developing and leading an annual service-learning program in which Computer Science and Spanish students collaborated to host a technology education summer camp for junior high students in the Dominican Republic. 


Data and information quality; data analytics; systems analysis and design; human-computer interaction; interdisciplinary applications of technology; service learning


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