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Educational Experience

The Marist community prides itself on being a connected and supportive place, and the same holds true for the School of Computer Science and Mathematics. At Marist, we believe that the college experience is more than just classroom learning or preparation for a career. The undergraduate college years are a time to explore new interests, interact and socialize with a diverse population of peers, establish mentoring relationships, and become involved with activities that help to create a well-rounded citizen.

Graphic of: Approval Rates. 93% are satisfied with their academic experience. 94% are satisfied with Marist’s academic services. 95% are satisfied with Marist’s student services. 91% would recommend Marist to a future student.


Small Classes

In addition to working and learning with some of the brightest, most motivated students from around the United States and the world, you'll also enjoy the small classes, led by professors and faculty with both prestigious academic credentials and years of industry experience. Our faculty advisors come to know each and every student, and they are available to help develop an appropriate plan of study and counsel on key topics such as internships, research opportunities, preparation for graduate study, and employment.

Outstanding Faculty

Faculty members spend countless hours in the classroom, educating some of Marist's brightest young minds. Their office hours are typically filled with engaging discussions with curious students attempting to pick their brains for insight into a difficult equation. Meanwhile, professors also spend considerable time contributing to knowledge generation through their complex research work.  “What makes mathematics, or any other kind of academic research fun? It’s exploring something that no one has really looked at before. Good researchers, when they investigate a topic, actually create more questions than they answer.” - Dr. Joseph Kirtland, Professor of Mathematics

The talented faculty of the School of Computer Science and Mathematics takes great pride in their work both in and outside the classroom. The success graduates of the School in the professional world speaks volumes of their dedication to their roles as teachers in an ever-expanding field. “Marist prepares you to learn continuously, and this field we work in is not history—we have to keep up.” - Joshua Matheus, ’99, Vice President of Network Architecture at Goldman Sachs.

Campus Technology

Marist's School of Computer Science and Mathematics is housed in the Hancock Center, a 57,000-square-foot facility overlooking the Hudson River. Designed to help fulfill the Marist goal of infusing information technology into all of its academic disciplines, the Hancock Center includes a networking computer lab, two general use computing labs, 30 faculty offices, seven classrooms, six conference/seminar rooms, an executive presentation center, and a National Science Foundation-funded enterprise computing research laboratory. The Enterprise Computing Research Lab gives faculty and students access to cutting-edge technology, including a zEnterprise processor with zBladeCenter extension, an IBM PureFlex System, and a Netezza data warehouse appliance. Faculty members also use the lab facilities to train undergraduate and graduate students in research methods and practices. Students have opportunities to participate in research projects with faculty and in collaborative research projects with academic and industry partners. 

Many of the existing regional and global technology initiatives for which Marist has earned a leadership reputation, including the Center for Collaborative and On-Demand Computing, the Linux Open Source Development Lab, the Institute for Data Center Professionals, and the IBM-Marist Joint Study Project, reside within the walls of this innovative, state-of-the-art building. It is also home to the New York State Cloud Computing and Analytics Center, eastablished with a $3 million state grant.

Beyond the Books and Classroom

Within the School of Computer Science and Mathematics, we offer opportunities, such as campus-based employment and career-track internships, for students to obtain practical experience while still in school. We also encourage students to join and become involved in clubs and organizations both within the computer science and mathematics discipline and in other areas of personal interest.

The School of Computer Science and Mathematics benefits from several long-standing research and development partnerships with both corporations and government agencies. Not only do these relationships provide students with the best possible learning environment and career connections, but they also help to ensure that Marist has a technological infrastructure that is on par with large research universities and institutions. In addition to offering state-of-the-art computer labs and technology access to students and faculty, we also provide our expertise and assistance to regional small businesses and non-profit groups, further extending the learning and research experience. 


The Mid-Hudson Regional Business Plan Competition

The Mid-Hudson Regional Business plan competition has evolved each year with more representation from schools across the seven counties, and over the years, the students have "Perfected their Pitch" showing passion, sophistication with thoroughly researched presentations leading to successful ideas. Students learn how to successfully prepare and pitch their plans, transforming their business ideas into business ventures. Learn more >