Master’s in Information Technology Management Degree Program

On-Campus / Online Information Technology Management (ITM) Graduate Degree

The Master’s of Science in Information Technology Management (ITM) graduate degree track is designed for professionals interested in careers in information systems, but desire more immersion in the IT / technology field. The Information Technology Management track will enhance student’s information technology skills, as well as provide the necessary finance and marketing foundations necessary to pursue information technology management positions. 

Through the Marist College Master’s in Information Technology Management degree track, graduate school students will learn how technology interacts with business processes, strategy and policy. Our IT Management graduate degree program is designed to give students the knowledge to become information technology leaders who can apply technology in innovative ways within the business world. Graduate school students will gain the appropriate behavioral, organizational, and financial knowledge and skill development to apply to the technological needs of businesses today.

Master’s in Information Technology Curriculum

Master’s in Information Technology Management graduate students will take six core classes required by all MSIS students, but will also be more heavily exposed to web technologies, computer concepts and software systems. See the full ITM graduate degree curriculum.

MSIS Graduate Degree Core Required Courses (18 Credits)

Master’s in Information Technology Management Track Required Courses (16 credits)

Electives 3 credits from: Information Systems, Business, Software Development

Master’s in Information Technology Management Track Prerequisites:

  • MSIS 500 Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming
  • MATH 130 Introduction to Statistics

Information Technology Management Graduate Degree Career Paths

Career paths for the Master’s of Science in Information Technology profession include:

  • Security Administrator Technical Manager
  • IT Administrator
  • Internet Engineer
  • LAN/WAN Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Security Administrators
  • Technical Managers
  • Systems Administrators
  • Network Specialists
  • Network Operations Managers
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Learn more about the career paths available to ISM and ITM students, and determine which concentration best aligns with your career goals.

At Marist College you have the option to earn your Master’s in Information Technology degree online through our flexible iLearn program. We develop all courses using Sakai, an open-source technology developed by a group of leading international colleges and universities, including Marist. The same faculty that teaches the on campus courses teaches all of our online classes. Contact us to learn more about earning your Information Technology Master’s degree through the Marist MSIS graduate degree program.