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Master of Science in Information Systems

Master of Science in Information Systems

The primary goal of the Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) at Marist College is to help meet the increasing demand for knowledgeable personnel who possess a balanced combination of technical and managerial skills. The MSIS at Marist College offers an advanced information system and technology education for IT and business professionals looking to advance their knowledge in the technology sector. The MSIS program provides expertise and experience in information technology and systems, information resources management and strategy and a broad variety of cutting-edge technical courses. The Master of Science in Information Systems graduate degree is especially appropriate for technical and business professionals who wish to become agents of organizational change, innovators and technical thought leaders of the future.

Marist's Master of Science in Information Systems benefits several potential student groups: business professionals seeking to master the language of technology, technologists looking to deepen and round out their skills, and professionals from other disciplines seeking to make themselves more marketable to increasingly technology-dependent organizations.

The MSIS graduate degree program places strong emphasis on both the technological and business aspects of systems management and design. Information Systems students are frequently expected to participate in team situations to enhance both their systems thinking and their interpersonal skills. Multiple MSIS graduate degree courses are real-client based in order to enhance students' consultative skills and experience.



One Degree, Three Concentrations

The Master of Science in Information Systems at Marist offers three concentrations to choose from while earning your MSIS degree. Students interested in the program are encouraged to explore the concentration that best suits their interests, background, and/or career goals.

Information Systems Management (ISM) Concentration
  • Business application focus
  • Practical applications of information systems in the workplace
  • Specific career paths for the graduating ISM professional include systems analyst and/or designer, business analyst, project manager, IS auditor, and information systems manager.
  • The foundation for professionals who aspire to become a Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Business Analytics (BA) Concentration:

  • Helps professionals gain expertise in accessing and manipulating data, as well as applying analytical techniques to extract information from data and using it to predict future trends and behavior patterns
  • Students acquire hands-on experience with cutting-edge analytical methods and software tools, leveraging the use of information technology to help improve decision making
  • Provides exposure to practical applications using real-world data
  • Specific career paths for the graduating BA professional include data analyst/architect, database administrator, business analyst, data science specialist, and business analytics manager
  • The foundation for professionals who aspire to become a Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Computer Networks and Security (CNS) Concentration:

  • Provides students with the competencies to investigate, design, implement, and troubleshoot emerging network and security technology
  • Gives students expertise in assessing an enterprise infrastructure for secure emerging solutions
  • Provides students exposure to a practical state-of-the-art networking lab
  • Specific career paths for the graduating CNS professional include security administrator, technical manager, systems administrator, network specialist, network operations manager, IT administrator, internet engineer, LAN/WAN engineer, or network administrator
  • The foundation for professionals who aspire to become a Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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Chaithanyakrishna Noti MSIS '17

Chaithanyakrishna Noti MSIS '17Keeton Industries
International Aquaculture Account Executive

Every course was meaningful and helped significantly to grow my skills. To be specific, Systems Design, Information Systems Policy, Project Management, and the MBA courses were exceptionally helpful for gaining insights. I am now managing International Sales operations and involved in information technology operations for Keeton Industries in India.