Greystone Program

The mission of the Greystone Program is to provide an end-to-end educational environment for eLearning for high school students and teachers. 

The Greystone Program grew out of a 2003 Shared University Research grant from IBM.  Marist College piloted its state of the art e-learning environment, the Greystone Educational Environment, in 2004 with two local school districts.  Since that time more than 30 school districts from across New York State have joined the program.  The Greystone environment incorporates best practices educational modules for students and teachers including access to the college‚Äôs extensive digital repository.  The program offers college level courses to high school juniors and seniors through an online bridge program.  High school students may take up to two online courses each semester through the Greystone program.  The program also offers a hybrid certification and graduate degree  program in Educational Psychology at a significantly reduced tuition rate to program participants.

Each year Marist offers each participating high school the opportunity to recognize one of their outstanding computer science, information technology or applied mathematics juniors with the Greystone Technology award.  See the Greystone Technology Award tab at left for more information.