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Advanced Certificate in Information Systems

Advanced Certificate in Information Systems

Graduate Level Knowledge in Information Systems

The 18-credit Advanced Certificate in Information Systems is designed to satisfy the professional needs of students who wish to acquire graduate-level knowledge in Information Systems (IS), but who do not wish to pursue a full graduate degree. Prior experience or knowledge of IS is not required to take this program. Candidates who have taken an IS concentration at the graduate level at Marist are ineligible for this certificate.

Because the courses require considerable time and effort, only one course is permitted in the first semester (this requirement may be waived by the graduate director based upon recent prior academic performance). Students generally carry two to four courses per calendar year and take two years to complete the certificate. The maximum time permitted for completion is four years following admission into the program.

All courses taken in the certificate program are graduate IS courses and may be later applied to the IS graduate degree program provided the grades earned are B or better. However, because of the more comprehensive nature of the IS master's program, admission requirements are more rigorous and additional technical competency may be gained by taking some prerequisite courses. Specific requirements will be identified when admission to the IS master's program is requested.

Information Systems Certificate Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Information Systems is obtained upon satisfactory completion of six courses (18 credits) from the graduate Information Systems program as follows:

• MSIS 527 Systems & Information Concepts in Organizations - 3 credits
• MSIS 537 Data Management I - 3 credits
• MSIS 567 Data Communications - 3 credits
• MSIS 570 Systems Analysis and Design - 3 credits
• MSIS 720 Systems Systems Project - 3 credits
• MSIS 730 Information Systems Policy - 3 credits


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