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Deans' List

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The Marist College Dean’s List is published twice a year and records the names of all full-time undergraduate students who have demonstrated academic excellence in the previous semester.  In order to qualify for this special distinction, which is permanently recorded on official College transcripts, students must earn a semester a grade point average of at least 3.40 having completed a minimum of 12 academic credits graded on the A-F scale. (Students who earn grades of “I,” “D,” or “F” are not named to the list.)

Honors Program

The Marist College Honors Program has a three-part mission: to encourage academic excellence, to provide opportunities for cultural enrichment, and to promote social and ethical responsibilities. The Program offers outstanding students in all majors a variety of learning experiences in and outside the academic setting.  Honors seminars and co-curricular activities, such as field trips and lectures, bring together talented students who seek a more intensive and extensive educational experience.  Promoting the adventure of intellectual pursuits, the Program challenges students to achieve their academic potential while they develop as responsible citizens and leaders in an increasingly culturally complex world.

The Honors Program brings together talented students in honors-enriched classes that often coordinate with co-curricular activities such as field trips and lectures. This cultural enrichment exchange is a highlight of the Program. It encourages students to move beyond standard curricula and engage in a broader range of experiences consonant with their interests. Field trips expose students to the cultural life of New York City and other sites of interest, including natural areas, in the Northeast. Students have opportunities to attend field trips under the supervision of one or more faculty members. The Honors Lecture, scheduled each year, brings the students into direct contact with scholars in various fields, follows a more traditional academic format, and provides a discussion forum in which everyone participates.

A participating student who successfully completes all of the requirements will receive an Honors certificate, a medallion to be worn at Commencement, and special recognition on his or her college transcript.  

Post-Undergraduate Fellowships

Photo of student writing while looking at a fashion museum Scholarships and fellowships are funding opportunities that present a chance for you to refine or re-chart the course of your studies, to integrate study abroad opportunities into your curriculum, to reflect on yourself and where you are headed, and to challenge yourself to go.

As a convention, scholarships generally refer to funding for undergraduate studies, while fellowships are awarded for post-baccalaureate study. Often, however, these terms are used interchangeably.

Across the board, all scholarship applications engage the student in a rigorous process, one of careful reflection and exploration of that student's most important aspirations. Fellowship applications, by definition, commit students to a highly competitive process, as there are always far fewer awards than there are applicants. In no way should this discourage a Marist student from applying. Several graduating seniors over the recent past have been awarded the Fulbright U.S. Student Program grant for approximately ten months of research or teaching English abroad. Including several Marist-Italy Alumni.  generally refer to funding for undergraduate studies, while fellowships are awarded for post-baccalaureate study. Often, however, these terms are used interchangeably.o beyond what you thought possible.

For information on Fulbright and other awards that may be applied to your unique Florence Experience please contact Pat Taylor, Graduate School and Fellowship Advisor at: +1.845.575.3000 x2347 or pat.taylor@marist.edu