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Marist-Italy Degree Program Refund Policy and Calendar

Official Withdraw Date Financial Consideration
45 or more days before the official program arrival date

Full program refund minus:

  • Non-refundable deposit
  • Any non-recoverable costs to Marist College
Fewer than 45 days before the official program arrival date No refund


Policy Notes

  • To request a refund, students must inform the Office of International Programs of their decision to withdraw in writing (Marist electronic mail account acceptable) from their Marist account to international@marist.edu.
  • Withdrawals are calculated based on the date of written correspondence (from the student's Marist account if by email). Verbal notification of any kind will not be accepted.  The “Official Program Arrival Date” is the earliest date at which students must arrive at the program site as indicated by Marist and the host institution and/or program provider (the Marist study abroad affiliate).  For one-year programs (First-Year Florence Experience, First-Year Dublin Experience, Master’s in Museum Studies), the Official Program Arrival Date is the fall semester arrival date. Students on one-year programs withdrawing fewer than 45 days before the Program arrival date, or at any time during the academic year (including between fall and spring semesters), will be responsible for any non-recoverable costs to Marist for the scheduled academic year.
  • “Non-recoverable costs to Marist College” are any funds paid or due to third parties or affiliates on behalf of the student that cannot be reimbursed. Non-recoverable costs include, but are not limited to housing, tuition, flights, excursion, and insurance costs.
  • Students are responsible to familiarize themselves with both Marist and affiliate policies. These policies include, but are not limited to, financial services policies, academic catalog, student code of conduct, and resident life policies.
  • Students abroad taking online courses at Marist College should refer to the Registrar’s Office for more information on Poughkeepsie course withdrawal policies.
  • Marist reserves the right to modify or cancel the Program. This includes, but is not limited to, changes to the itinerary, housing, scheduled visits, Program dates, and costs.