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Educational Experience

Marist’s Branch Campus is located in the center of the beautiful Tuscan city Florence. It is an amazing place to live and learn. Florence has been a source of inspiration for many visitors, and continues to be a leading destination for artists and thinkers around the world.

Why Florence?

  • It is the second largest study abroad destination for English speaking students 
  • Florence is a living learning environment
  • It is a global city with a small-town community feel
  • Florence offers convenient access to the rest of western Europe
  • It is the birth place of the Renaissance

Photo of students looking off a rooftop at Florence

Breadth of educational opportunities

Offering a wide range of Bachelor’s degrees, as well as once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, Florence is an ideal location for Marist students to learn by living and experiencing entirely new cultures. Art students in Florence have the opportunity to view great works of art in their original location and grasp the original context. Italy is rich with fashion history, an advantage which our students and faculty actively utilize whenever possible. All of the programs offered at Marist’s branch campus are designed to build on the unique strengths of Florence and to treat the city and cultures as extensions of the classroom.

A mecca for global learning

Photo of student walking and writing in Florence Aside from the immense educational opportunities that our Florence campus offers, students are encouraged to engage first-hand in not only Italian culture, but the global cultures that circulate throughout the city. From a coffee shop on the corner to the dozens of museums, Marist students are given access to new world experience and given the opportunity to mature and grow with other young, expanding minds. As Florence has become something of a mecca for global learning, our students often find themselves in learning environments with students from Egypt to Holland to Turkey. Florence is also a convenient gateway into all other areas of Europe. After quickly finding their bearings, Marist students often utilize direct access to a plethora of cultures and cities, from Budapest to Paris and beyond.

While Florence on its own is an incredibly student-friendly environment, Marist and the LdM Institute work to put students in contact with cutting-edge opportunities. Through the Italy campus, students may travel to a trade fair on sustainability in Verona or a jewelry fair in Arezzo; it is because of these immersive educational experiences and a gained international perspective that employers respond as positively as they do to the resumés of our Florence students.

Dedicated faculty

At Marist-Italy, approximately 150 dedicated and qualified professors from Italy and all over the world teach over 400 different courses. While the majority of the faculty is of Italian nationality, the international flavor of the Institute is reflected in the appointment of instructors representing a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds.