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What is a Passport?

A passport is an official document issued by a government that identifies an individual. This document will grant the individual permission to travel abroad and return home. This government document also requests certain protections from other governments for the individual.

All students regardless of Nationality or Location must have a valid passport to participate in Marist-Italy’s programs.

What is considered a valid passport?

According to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs a valid passport:

  • must have been issued after your 16th birthday
  • must be good for the duration of your stay in Italy and at least 6 months after your date of return.
  • must have a full page for the Italian visa and room for entry and departure stamps

How to get a valid passport

U.S. citizens planning to attend Marist-Italy should verify that their passport is valid as described above. If you do not have a passport, need to renew a passport visit the U.S. Department of State Website. This site contains all types of information including application forms, where to apply, and how to obtain documentation required, etc.

Note: Passports may take four weeks or more to obtain. If you don’t have a current passport or your passport is not considered valid based on the information above you will need to apply/renew quickly.

How to get a valid passport for Citizens of other Countries

Please ensure that you have a valid passport. If you need to renew or apply for a passport please check with your government for rules and applications.