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Health & Wellness Services

The Marist-LdM partnership with our student health insurance provider offers a comprehensive network of health care providers.  There are many highly-qualified medical professionals in Florence, many of whom are fluent in English. When our students need to visit the hospital, a member of our residence life staff will accompany them.

When enrolling through Marist-LdM, each student is issued an international health insurance policy (HTH). This comprehensive policy coverage ranges from routine health visits to specialized emergency care.  More information about the Marist-LdM HTH plan and coverage are provided during the Marist-LdM pre-departure program.

Due to the unique nature of international study, Marist-LdM will require each student to complete a health and wellness packet. This information will allow the Marist-LdM staff to support and assist students during emergencies.   

Counseling Services

Marist-LdM strives to provide a safe and secure learning environment.  All students have access to the Marist residence life staff, on-site counseling services, and remotely by the Marist College Counseling Center.

It is important that families and students who have or are currently seeking mental health treatment discuss the impact of studying in a foreign location with their doctors.  The added stress of a cultural change can impact or trigger mental health issues.

Health-Related Absence

Marist-LdM has a very strict absence policy.  It is important that each student read and understand the terms of this policy.  Health-related absences require documentation from a doctor. Students with health issues that lead to absences longer than one day must contact their Marist-LdM academic advisor and follow the protocol documented in the absence policy.  

Immunization Compliance

Students studying at the Florence branch campus are not obligated to the New York State immunization requirements.  However, students enrolled in the FFE program or planning to study at the Poughkeepsie campus at any point during their academic tenure will need to be MMR compliant prior to their arrival in Poughkeepsie.  Information on how to prove your MMR Compliance can be found on the Marist Health Services website.

Online Health Services

Marist College Health Services has developed an extensive set of online resources to support our students’ physical and mental well-being.  Topics include the following:

Student Health 101
Self Help Information
Guided Imagery
Guided Meditation
Self Care Instructions for Influenza-Like Illnesses

Health Emergencies

Students experiencing a health emergency should contact the 24 Marist-LdM emergency telephone:

Marist-LdM Emergency number:  +39 377 168 3341

A comprehensive list of additional emergency telephone numbers that can support students during medical emergencies can be found on our Safety and Security Page.