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Success After Marist

Marist’s Florence, Italy programs provide students with unique platforms to grow as adults through new experiences. Florence students spend their days surrounded by classic museums, sporting events, historic culture, and world-renowned cuisine. Through both their coursework and these cultural experiences, Marist Italy students gain life skills that will shape and guide them for years beyond graduation.

A platform for growth

"She’s benefiting from the program to this day and she’s going to go on benefiting from it."
— John L., father of Marist Italy student


Photo of students in a gondola When a student decides to pursue a Marist Italy program, they take their first steps toward independence. Upon arrival in Florence, students complete an orientation process that prepares them for Florentine living. Students visit the Mercato Centrale and learn market-purchasing tips from our faculty. With the help of our Lorenzo De Medici faculty, Marist Italy students are given the tools to grow into independent and self-reliant adults.

Creative Problem Solving

Beyond the language barriers and culture shock, students are often surprised by how challenging everyday life can be when they first move abroad. When something as simple as missing a train can derail your day, it’s important for students to cultivate their creative problem-solving skills. In these instances, where you can’t just ask for help, students are forced to plan and solve issues traditional students simply don’t encounter. Students who study abroad learn to be quick on their feet and resourceful; two skills that are always in fashion.

“Dolce Far Niente”

Italian culture provides a new perspective for American students. "Dolce far niente," translating directly to “the sweetness of doing,” is a quintessential Italian concept. Marist Florence students are presented with the opportunity to step away from the hustle and bustle of American life and focus on enjoying life’s small joys, such as an espresso at an outdoor café or a leisurely walk around Florence. Focusing on immersing themselves in the Italian way of life, students learn to take a step back and enjoy their abroad experience.