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Directions to Marist in Italy

Via Florence Airport:  If you will be flying into Florence there will be many taxis available outside of the airport. Exit the main doors and go to the right to find the taxi stand. Simply ask them to take you to Via del Giglio 6. Taxis to the city center cost a flat rate of 20 euro plus 1 euro for each piece of luggage.

Via Train:  If you are arriving via train, you can reach the Marist Office on Via del Giglio 6 by taking the underpass inside the station which goes directly to the Piazza Unita, one block from the Marist Office. Take the tunnel exit on the left and go up the stairs. From the underground station entrance, proceed one block straight ahead and turn left onto Via del Giglio. The Marist Office is on your right.

Via Rome Airport: The Rome Airport is located a few miles outside the city of Rome. Small connecting flights are available and fly every day between Rome and Florence and between Milan and Florence. It is also possible to take the train to Florence. In Rome, you must take a small connecting shuttle train between the Rome Airport and the Rome Termini station (main train station). From there, the Eurostar between Rome and Florence runs frequently and takes approximately 1 ½ hours.

Via Milan Airport:  A bus is available between the airport and the Milan train station, the Eurostar between Milan and Florence takes approximately 2 hours.

Via Car: Parking in the city of Florence is extremely limited and most passenger cars are not permitted to enter the historical center zone of Florence.