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In Florence, your dining experience is more than great food – it’s a cultural experience.  Italy is a culture dedicated to art of all kinds and that includes cooking. We invite our students to develop and explore their own cooking skills (with a little help from our staff), and dive into the recipes of the region.

During orientation, students are taken through the Mercato Centrale (Central Market) and taught how to purchase foods in this environment. They are also shown several city supermarkets, ensuring that they understand where to find the foods they prefer.  During these tours, students are given a great deal of cultural information about Italian food, helping to set the stage for cooking and eating Italian-style. In addition, we offer courses in cooking and nutrition during the semester and our Residence Life staff frequently offers programs focused on preparing specific dishes.

Photo of students dining at restaurant Each Marist-LdM residence is equipped with kitchen facilities allowing students to cook for themselves.  This brings the best of both worlds to their tables. It allows students to prepare comfort foods – items that might be served as typical dinners in their home country – while allowing them to also experiment with fresh ingredients and foods that are typical of Italy.  And, of course, there is nothing like a small dinner party to help our students form a strong sense of community while studying in another country.

Marist-LdM does offer a lunch plan through the School’s Café Medici located in one of our main academic buildings. Café Medici offers lunch and snacks throughout the day Monday – Friday. Students interested in participating in the meal plan can sign up during pre-departure housing registration.

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Cooking in Florence

Our student ambassadors hosted a live Q&A to discuss food options and cooking at Marist Italy!