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At Marist-Italy, approximately 150 dedicated and qualified professors from Italy and all over the world teach over 400 different courses. While the majority of the faculty is of Italian nationality, the international flavor of the Institute is reflected in the appointment of instructors representing a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds.

The Marist-Italy faculty are fluent in English and hold degrees from major universities in the U.S. and Europe.  In addition to their formal training and consistent with the European approach to faculty appointments, many of the Marist-Italy faculty are also trained professionals in their fields.  Many international artists, writers, designers, and historians teach their trade while maintaining an active professional life in the city and are well-connected with the history, heritage and pulse of the city.

Featured Faculty

Photo of faculty member Donatella Caruso Donatella Caruso, Supervisor of the Interior Design Department

Degrees Held 

Laurea in Architecture, University of Florence


Professor Caruso obtained a degree in architecture from the University of Florence in 1990 and has conducted research at the Fondazione Michelucci in Fiesole. In 1988 she worked in San Francisco with the architecture studio SMWM, and in 1989 she worked in Barcelona at the studio Zarzurca. In 1991 she won a scholarship to attend the international seminar Napoli Architettura e Città. In 1993 she participated in an international seminar of landscape architecture in Leiden, the Netherlands. In 1995 she founded the Gart Progetti studio in Florence. In 1998 she began teaching at the Istituto Lorenzo de’Medici in the Interior Design Program. Since 2007, she has served as the supervisor of the Interior Design Department at Marist-Italy, where she teaches courses in Interior Design, Exhibit Design, Design for Living Spaces, and Public Space Design.


  • Community theatre, Olbia
  • Social housing for the gypsy community, San Giorgio a Colonica
  • Symposium Four Seasons Hotel, Serrungarina, Pesaro
  • Industrial complex to hotel conversion, Brughiero, Como
  • New communication format for supermarket, Italy
  • Accessible holiday resort, Porto Azzurro, Livorno
  • Toscani Da Sempre, Pontassieve, Florence

Photo of faculty member Lorenzo Casamenti Lorenzo Casamenti, Professional Restorer


Since 1963, Professor Casamenti has completed over one hundred restorations of objects and monuments on behalf of state agencies for cultural heritage in Italy and other countries. His many restorations for the Italian Superintendence include frescoes by Fra Angelico at San Marco and by Paolo Uccello in the Cathedral, as well as the Chapel of the Magi by Benozzo Gozzoli in the Medici Palace in Florence. In Italy, his projects can be found across Tuscany and in other areas including Campania, Calabria, and Sicily. Professor Casamenti has applied his skills as a restorer and consultant to projects in countries around the world such as Chile, India, Nepal, Argentina, and Brazil, often helping to train local staff. One of his recent and most notable achievements was the discovery of the causes behind the deterioration of the ancient monolithic heads (the moai) of Easter Island. Most years, Professor Casamenti takes selected Lorenzo de’Medici students to work onsite on projects both in Italy and abroad.


  • painting restoration
  • wood restoration,
  • stone and marble restoration
  • chemistry of restoration
  • gilding restoration