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First-Year Florence Experience Tuition and Fees: 2024-25

Students participating in the FFE program are considered full-time students at the Marist College Poughkeepsie campus. All tuition and housing rates are billed at the Poughkeepsie Campus rate, allowing students to transfer all loans and financial aid to this program. A summary of rates and additional charges per semester can be found here. Costs are shown in United States Dollars.

2024-25 Estimated Cost of Attendance: First-Year Florence Experience

The cost of attendance is determined by Marist College in accordance with federal regulations and may vary from student to student. 

Cost First-Year Florence Experience
Billable Expenses
Tuition* $46,920 
Activity Fee $1,100
Health Insurance Plan Fee $850
Orientation Fee** $1,000
Housing $11,490
Food*** Optional Lunch Plan
Total Billable Expenses $61,360
Estimated Non-Billable Expenses
Food (self-prepared) $5,000
Books and Supplies $3,200
Transportation $3,400
Miscellaneous/Personal $1,400
Federal Loan Fees $85
Total Estimated Non-Billable Expenses $13,085
Total Estimated Cost of Attendance**** $74,445


*Tuition figures assume a student is taking 12-16 credits per semester. Credits taken in excess of 16 are billed at $825 per credit.  

**Orientation Fee is for the first semester only. 

***There is an optional lunch plan for 50 meals per semester for $800 per year or 66 meals per semester for $1,050 per year. 

****Some courses may have additional associated fees.