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The Venice Biennale has for over a century been one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the world. Ever since its foundation in 1895, it has been in the avant-garde, promoting new artistic trends and organizing international events in the contemporary arts in accordance with a multi-disciplinary model that characterizes its unique nature.

Marist's art history and studio art program at the Venice Biennale gives students the opportunity to explore the work of global contemporary artists featured at the Biennale sites and museums. Students will be immersed in the unique culture of Venice, Italy, where they are surrounded by the works of artists of both the past and present. The works explored and discussed will help students draw their own inspirations for their final project.

Check out some of our insider videos of Biennale students below.

Interview with Sam Cillo, New Jersey


Interview with Marisa Gilbert, Texas


Interview with Juan Lopez, Columbia