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Minor in Art History While Studying in Florence, Italy

An Art History minor offers undergraduate students the opportunity to explore a different field, while earning their Bachelor’s degree abroad in Florence, Italy. The Art History minor provides students with an introduction to the art of the western world.

Florence is the birthplace of Renaissance, a city where modern culture and history meet home to numerous galleries museums. Florence, Italy is home of the birthplace of Renaissance art and architecture, with more examples of this than can be found anywhere else in the world.

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The minor in Art History allows undergraduate students to study artists, their creations and the movements that characterized the different art historical periods. Study ideas and historical events that help shape expression in the visual arts.

Through the Minor in Art History students will study everything from Antiquity, Ancient Greece to Renaissance, Baroque eras, and present-day art. The curriculum consists of lectures in class, walking tours, visits to museums, churches, and monuments in Florence and neighboring cities. Students will experience first hand the Renaissance paintings, sculptures and architecture of the birthplace of the Renaissance.

Minor in Art History Course Requirements

  • ART 180 Introduction to Art History – Art History I: Antiquity to Early Renaissance – 3 credits
  • ART 186 History of Western Art II: High Renaissance to the Present – 3 credits
  • Four additional Art History courses at the 200 level or above – 12 credits

Total credit requirement for a Minor in Art History – 18 credits

A minor in Art History cannot be completed independently. A minor must be completed in conjunction with a major. Minors must be completed by the time the four-year degree requirements have been met. Students who declare a minor will be held to the requirements of the catalog year in which they declare the minor.