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First-Year Florence Experience

The First-Year Florence Experience (FFE) is a program designed for highly motivated first-year students, who wish to pursue foundation course work in a study abroad environment while also allowing for a cultural exploration of Italy.  This program offers students international experience at a lively campus in one of the most creative renaissance cities in Europe. Students across the U.S. are looking for ways to make their college experience distinguished.



An experience abroad, especially in the first year, is a unique way to make yourself stand out. As an FFE student you are supported by fully qualified administration, faculty, staff, and residence life personnel in both Florence and New York. These caring professionals offer a full range of facilities, services, and support while you study in this unique learning environment. You will have access to the vast resources of Florentine life: museums, festivals, music, opera, and an unrivaled architectural history. Special excursions, workshops, and events have been designed for our FFE participants that build a sense of com­munity, encourage cultural immersion, and foster travel opportunities to other parts of Italy and beyond.