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Earn a Fine Arts Certificate While Studying Abroad in Florence, Italy

The Certificate in Fine Arts is suited for students who wish to focus on the areas of emerging technology and incorporate new methods into their practice. Students studying abroad in Florence, Italy through the Certificate in Fine Arts program achieve a new level of mastery in art-making.

Fine Arts certificate students are immersed both historically and conceptually in the art world while studying in Florence. The exceptional works of art in the city of Florence will be investigated and analyzed as an integral part of the course sequence.

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The Department of Art and Art History believes a sound foundation and an exploration of the fields of studio art and art history should be combined with a strong liberal arts education to expand the intellectual horizons of our students. The department seeks ways to broaden their intellectual development through the investigation of state-of-the-art technologies in addition to traditional forms of study and techniques. The department believes that an education in the visual arts should go beyond the classroom, lab, and studio. Opportunities are provided to exhibit artwork, visit galleries and museums, obtain internships, and study abroad.

Required Courses & Recommended Program Sequence For a Certificate in Fine Arts

Required Courses (30 Credits)

  • TAL 101 Elementary Italian I or upper-level Italian language (placement test required)
  • ART 250 History of Art: Renaissance to the 19th Century (M-ART 180)
  • Renaissance Art History course, advisor approved
  • PDM190 Fundamentals of Art & Design: Color Theory
  • PDM 130 Principles of Drawing and Composition (M-ART 110)
  • GRA 185 Digital Technique Fundamentals (M-GRAP 101)
  • PDM 140 Basic Painting (M-ART 111)
  • SCU 160 Basic Sculpture (M-STUD 170)
  • PRI 120 Printmaking (M-ART 207)
  • PHO 120 Basic Photography (M-ART 145)

Fall Certificate in Fine Arts Program Sequence

  • PDM 190 Color Theory 
  • ART 250 History of Art
  • PDM 130 Principles of Drawing 
  • GRA 185 Digital Tech. Fundamentals 
  • ITAL 101 Elem Italian (elective) (M-ITAL 101) 

Spring Certificate in Fine Arts Program Sequence

  • Renaissance Art History course
  • PDM 140 Basic Painting
  • SCU 160 Basic Sculpture
  • PRI 120 Printmaking
  • PHO 120 Basic Photography

Note: A minimum of 30 credits is required. Students may transfer no more than 6 credits toward the certificate.