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Minor in Graphic Design While Studying in Florence, Italy

Digital Media is one of the fastest-growing and most competitive professional fields of the modern age. Imagery is possibly the most popular and compelling form of communication to date. From advertisements to social media, Graphic Design is an opportunity to create unique, attention-grabbing content. Marist's Graphic Design Minor in Florence, Italy allows undergraduate students attending university to understand media through both digital and traditional techniques. 

Study abroad Graphic Design minors will learn how to analyze and create strategies for marketing, advertising, and communication needs. In addition, Florence, Italy Graphic Design minor students will learn how to successfully communicate messages to their intended audience through visual content presented through different kinds of media.

Minor in Graphic Design Course Requirements

A minimum of 12 credits must be taken in residence:

  • ART 101 Fundamentals of Art and Design - PDM 190 Fundamentals of Art and Design: Color Theory - 3 credits
  • ART 231 Introduction to Digital Media - GRA 185 Digital Graphic Techniques Fundamentals - 3 credits
  • ART 211 Digital Layout and Design - GRA 170 Graphic Design - 3 credits
  • ART 215 Graphic Design I: Typography and Design - 3 credits
  • ART 315 Graphic Design II: Publication Design - GRA 262 Workshop in Graphic Design 3 credits

Choose one of the following courses: 3 credits each

ART 320 Digital Photography I - PHO 130 Introduction to Digital Photography
ART 323 Designing for the Web - GRA 215 Web Design

A minor in Graphic Design cannot be completed independently. A minor must be completed in conjunction with a major. Minors must be completed by the time the four-year degree requirements have been met. Students who declare a minor will be held to the requirements of the catalog year in which they declare the minor.