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Minor in Italian While Studying in Florence, Italy

Marist aims to enrich students’ university-level education by helping them gain a rich preparation for the future through the support of global studies, teacher education, international tracks in other disciplines and, in general, career opportunities in key areas of domestic and international service where knowledge of a foreign language facilitates and increases the level of success.

The Italian Language minor program helps prepare Florence, Italy students interested in working with Italian or Italian American communities and institutions in the United States and abroad. This program offers a broad foundation in the humanities and social sciences. Italian Language minor students will expand their cultural literacy and language skills by integrating a variety of university-level courses from the fields of business, communications, economics, education, fashion, history, and politics.

Minor in Italian Course Requirements

A minimum of 12 credits must be taken in residence:


  • ITAL 201 Advanced Italian I - ITL 301 Italian Language Advanced I - 3 credits
  • ITAL 250 Civilization of Italy - ITC 430 Italian Civilization and Culture - 3 credits
  • ITAL 281 Italian for Conversation - ITC 260 Italian for Conversation - 3 credits
  • ITAL 282 Advanced Reading and Composition - ITC 310 Reading and Writing for Academic Purposes - 3 credits
  • Two additional upper-level Italian courses at the 300 level or higher as approved by advisor. At least one must be in a literature - 6 credits

Total Credit Requirement for a minor in Italian 18 credits.

A minor in Italian cannot be completed independently. A minor must be completed in conjunction with a major. Minors must be completed by the time the four-year degree requirements have been met. Students who declare a minor will be held to the requirements of the catalog year in which they declare the minor.