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Minor in Studio Art While Studying in Florence, Italy

A minor in Studio Art offers undergraduate students the opportunity to explore a different field, pursue an interest or complement their major with a similar field of study. Studio Art Minor courses are available in many mediums; students are able to develop techniques and visual sensibility necessary for working with various materials.

Students minoring in Studio Arts are immersed both historically and conceptually in the art world while in Florence. The exceptional works of art in the city of Florence will be investigated and analyzed as an integral part of the curriculum.

Through the Studio Art minor students will study harmony and contrast of color, as well as the relationships between form and color. Students taking courses through this minor will be introduced to the fundamental principles and elements of figure and object drawing, as well as the major techniques of drawing and color theory.

Requirements for a Minor in Studio Art

Foundation Course Requirements (18 Credits)

  • PDM190 Fundamentals of Art & Design: Color Theory
  • ART110 Basic Drawing/PDM130 Principles of Drawing and Composition
  • Four additional Studio Art courses

A minor in Studio Art cannot be completed independently. The Studio Art minor must be completed in conjunction with a major. Minors must be completed by the time the four-year degree requirements have been met. Students who declare a Studio Art minor will be held to the requirements of the catalog year in which they declare the minor.